Submitted for your approval: God of War is possibly one of the best game series ever

A couple weeks ago, I finally picked up God of War. I heard all the hype when it first came out, but I’m not a fan of dropping money on a game when it first comes out. $50 always seems like so much. Well, I finished it in a few days in an intense love hate relationship with it. Difficult puzzles that I had to play over and over and over before getting it just right. Granted, there were a few design flaws I saw, but overall it was one of the most satisfying games I’ve played to date. Just the right blend of puzzle solving and smash-em-up.

I finished the game about the time God of War II came out. No matter how joyously entertained I was by the first one, I told myself I wasn’t going to buy the second right away. Then I saw a Penny Arcade comic and the total awe in the characters’ eyes told me I had to get it, even if it did cost $50.

Around midnight tonight, I put the controller down in awe, having just finished the game. The game play only improved from the first one, despite a few puzzles that were too difficult, and save points spread too far apart (Sometimes I don’t have 30 minutes to devote to game play damnit!). Now I anxiously await the third installment. At least I hope there’s a third installment. Otherwise I’m going to be seriously let down. Seriously, I would almost definitely buy a PS3 if God of War 3 was released exclusively on it – and currently I have no desire to own a PS3!

Jeez, did you see the ending? If there wasn’t a part 3, then it would be one of the biggest letdowns in game history.

The only thing I didn’t like about the game was that two of the puzzles were too hard. Well, not really puzzles so much as just challenge scenarios, where you have to fight enemies under a certain condition. (People who have played through the game will know instantly the ones I’m talking about. Stupid translator!)

Otherwise, extremely high marks. The visuals were amazing, the music was good, the level design was fantastic, and it was an all-around great experience.

I didn’t really have any problems with the translator. Pretty much the enemies were leaving him alone. The two parts I had the most trouble with were actually back to back with no save point in between.

First, the wall of fire where you have to push the statue to the other side of the room, meanwhile fighting unending hoards of harpies and some other thing. Oh, and the flame wall pushes your statue back if you’re not holding it. I breathed a great sigh of relief after replaying that one over and over, ran on looking for a save point, and didn’t find one. That must mean the next part’s easy sailing, right? Wrong.

Spike puzzle! YAY! What annoyed me the most about it is the fact that the spikes are spaced out far enough apart that you should have no difficulty at all walking between them. Or at least placing yourself between them when they’re about to pop back up. But nope! Kratos is too content with death.

Could someone describe how this game works? I mean, the game mechanics? I mean, like, is there a power-up or level-up system, and if so, how does it go? And also, what exactly is meant by the term “puzzle” in this thread? And so on.

On Edit: The previous post in this thread (simulpost) answers the last question to some extent, so thanks for that.)


It’s very similar to Devil May Cry in terms of game mechanics. Action is very fluid and intuitive. Instead of a points/score system, you are rewarded with “red orbs.” The orbs fill up a meter you can view on pause and use to purchase more powerful attacks.
So, once you rack up, say, 1000 of those orb thingies, you can redeem them for a lightning attack, or a freezing one, or a physical one.

In short: power-ups for different attacks accumulated over the course of the game. Hit points and magic points gradually increase so that you can take more damage and cast more magic.

Haven’t gotten very far yet but I just want to say one proof of this game’s awesomeness…it made Pegasus look cool. If you can do that, you’re OK.

I might be the only person who likes those kinds of videogames but didn’t like God of War much. The attitude was annoying. Moreso than Prince of Persia: Warrior Within.

Maybe sometime I’ll go back and try again though. I only got as far as the temple on the mountain. The combat was starting to get boring at that point.

I played the first one and was absolutely astounded (and holy CRAP God mode is hard!!! I still haven’t beaten it on God mode) and I played the demo of God of War II, and man, it’s waiting for when I go back home this summer, it’s such an incredible game.