God was a typo. Worship Dog.

If Dog created the world in six days, when did he create the fire hydrant ?
(question asked by Flaxxie, my Labweiller)

So, it’s a dog’s life?
::: fleas thread :::

So, does this mean that the mention of The PuppyGod by Unintentionally Blank in This thread was actually an unintentional slip as to the true nature of things? Who knew.

Catholics pray for the intercession of the Blessed Cat.

So, does this make Mary the dogma?

Firstly… welcome to the boards! (Even though I haven’t really officially been around for that long, myself).

Second… I worship cats. I always thought they were the holiest of all creatures. The cutest and the fuzziest too. Now, are you telling me when I thought I was worshipping my lord and master out of love, it was really the devil in disguise!!! Please tell me that isn’t so!!!

Another cat person checking in.

Welcome to the Dope…heretic!

You may redeem yourself by giving the** canonical** interpretation of the religious phrase dog-eared as it relates to the turning down of pages in a Holy Book.

Bolding mine. You misspelled canineical. :smiley:

May Dog bless my crappy coding!

You win, hands (pause, paws) down!
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I am a cat person.

I acknowledge the utility and even soulfulness of dogs at times, but their servile desire to please is not the model we should be emulating. The kind of blind authoritarian worship dogs exemplify is not the sort of thing that free people offer. Every time you bow to a hierarchy, you put Humanity further into the ancient chains of the Slavemaster and Boss, and the terrorists win.

Live free or die!

No dogs. No Masters.

So you’re saying we should be following the example of people who do not allow others to dictate them as opposed to those who take pleasure in pleasing others, with a more peaceful attitude?

That’s like picking Hitler over Gandhi!

Maybe it wasn’t a typo. Maybe someone was dyslexic.

Then why did they create the Spaniel Inquisition?

Our chief weapon is surprise! Surprise and fleas…! Our two chief weapons…

Peaceful is not subservient. You cannot halp others unless you find your own power first. Slaves do not make reliable confidants. Flattery breeds resentment in the flatterer and distrust in the flatteree.

Hitler was a prime example of the authoritarian we should eschew. He enslaved whole populations, aided by propaganda that fed the emotional dependency of millions while undermining their autonomy.

Gandhi, on the other hand, practiced satyagraha, “soft power”, power-with, rather than power-over. He wanted every Indian to find his or her own inner power and, almost incidentally, working tohether, they would throw off the British yoke.

I will bow to no monster-dog.

I have a beagle that wonders why any one could doubt. He can ignore people with disdain. Lower forms bothering him.

When you get to 10K posts, get back to us about having no free time. Until then, you, sir &/o madam, are a slacker.

Welcome to the Boards!

Wow! I guess that makes dogbutler like a prophet or sumpin, huh?

That explains the Chewsades to recover the Bark of the Covenant.

Those transcribing monks needed better copy editors.