Goddamn Microsoft is taking over my ISP! (Qwest)

So I go to the Qwest website in hopes of finding out why their server has suddenly begun refusing dialup connections faster than 31200 bps. They have not yet extended DSL to my neighborhood. I have been patiently awaiting that day. While I found no answer to this problem, I happen across this little gem.



Look, Qwest. If I had wanted to join the fucking Mcrosoft network Id’a joined the fucking Microsoft network. I , in fact, do NOT want to join. I remember when I first signed up with USwest. I got my NETSCAPE disk in the mail. What the hell happened? Did Gates make you an offer you couldn’t refuse, you duck sucking imbiciles?

This is just fucking great. Not only do I get to look forward to an almost doubling of my fee, but ISP’s in this town are dropping like flies, so it’s you or fucking AOL.

I hope that the suits that came up with this unholy “stratigic alliance” get gang raped by rabid monkeys. But then even rabid monkies have some morals…

[Bill Gates]
All your ISPs are belong to us.
[/Bill Gates]
I’m really sorry, gang. It was the first thing that popped in my head.

:::ducks & runs:::

Hey, particlewill. If you have a Qwest phone card, you might be in for something even worse. See article about changing phone rates without telling you in today’s Washington Post. Don’t know how long the link will be live.

Well I don’t have the phone card nor long distance. If I wanna contact anyone long distance I go buy a card. Which is seldom.

I just was liking the whole paying for my internet with the phone bill. and I get little spam on my Qwest e-mail. But I refuse to join with Bill’s legions at MSN.

This totaly totaly sucks ass. I didn’t wanna change ISPs. but as soon as this thing goes thru, I am outta there.
Bastard Gates wanted to control the internet. I wonder how many OTHER ISPs he’s getting his talons into.



Quit your whining, I can’t get ANY connection on my phone line faster than 26,400 – not one ISP can offer me a higher connection. Not once have I recieved a connection higher than 28,800 and that’s about .5% of the time.

Oh and it’s not Bill Gates that created this problem, it’s because US West/QWest can’t get off their asses and offer better phone lines in our nieghborhood which has only been around for about 15 years. When I lived in Denver the neighborhood I lived in was much older than me – I would say about 35 years now and was able to sign on almost all the time at 49,333.

On top of that, I am too far from the central office to get DSL, they haven’t built in the fiber optic lines for cable broadband…so I am stuck with only one option and that’s Sprint’s wireless broadband which seems to have a lot of outages because of the amount of people in our area that can’t get cable or DSL…

So, be glad you can even get on line at a snails pace rather than grandpa Joe’s cholesteral ridden heart pace.

Oh and no where did I see that you would be required to sign up for MSN, and if I read it correctly it was broadband, not your dial up…just thought that should be stated…I could be wrong but I don’t think it’s QWest’s collaboration with MS, it’s QWest’s inability to provide good service – as always has been the case even when it was US Worst.

I think he’s just pissed because he didn’t invest in QWest stock before the buyout; wouldn’t you be?

techchick said,

**The Qwest support page, http://my.qwest.net/nav4/whats_new/faqs_msn.html ** said,

*Bolding Mine.
Not exactly sure where in my OP you think I was blaming Bill Gates for my poor connection speeds. I was bitching that I didn’t want to have to join MSN. Who knows, maybe Gates and MSN will be able to improve my connect speeds. Even if that is the case, I will be dragged kicking and screaming into MSN, if I am dragged in at all.

Another thing the Qwest support page says is that if you have a poor dial-up connection, to put three commas directly after your dial-up phone number in your connection settings, ie. xxx-xxxx,. I don’t know why, but it worked. I am now back up in the 49333-50666 bps connection speed range.

I am sorry to hear that you are having such problems with Qwest, Techchick, But I have just as much right to “whine” about it as you do, although I defer to your experteese in this department.

If this isn’t black magic, I don’t know what is.