Goddamnit..... Security Moms

I am so fucking ready to have this goddamn election over with just so I don’t have to hear another fucking word like

Security Moms
Office Park Dads
Nascar Dads
Soccer Moms

Feel free to add your own to the list of STUPID fucking names used to describe electors nowadays. Both sides are guilty of doing it.

Who the hell came up with these terms? To me it sounds like some kind of bullshit label that nobody would actually use themselves. Its demeaning if you ask me.
There’s some new terminology that works. This whole red-state vs. blue state idea isn’t that bad. It gets on my nerves a little bit, but not so bad…

I have got to stop watching cable news, because it is killing me.

What the hell is a “Security Mom”?

(sorry, I’ve been avoiding the election pundits)

Maybe a woman with kids who trades securities? Or works for the Securities Exchange Commission? I’ve been somewhat following the election hoopla, and I don’t know either.

I believe it is women with families who put terrorism and national security at or near the top of their priorities. The term (and I agree with the OP that they’re all pretty stupid) didn’t surface until after the Belsen school hostage situation.

I’ll be happy not to have to hear:

“I’m (insert sleazy politician) and I approved this message.”


Hitting a home run (outside of baseball)

It’s an imaginary category of voters who are mothers who value national security above stuff like heath care. It’s pretty much just a hypothetical demographic that the GOP has decisded to target in the hopes that more than four women will vote for them this time.

I’ve no clue at all.

I take it as some sort of irrational woman with kids whose emotional fears of terrorism drive her to seek some kind of calming or comforting person as Commander in Chief and based on these irrational fears (probably living in rural Oklahoma) she votes against her other interests.
That’s the way I imagine shaking down.

I don’t believe that, but you can just feel the superiority they show when they talk about these groups of society that can be so easily figured out.

I’ll be glad if I don’t have to hear “Bush” again after this election, but I’m not entirely sure that’s what you’re referring to.

I’m sick of hearing the term “Bible Banners,” especially here in Georgia. It’s used by Georgia Republicans to refer to anyone who’s voting for Kerry on a separation of church and state basis.

There you go. You just pinpointed why these terms irritate me. It allows you to take the complex beliefs and priorities of entire groups of people and boil them down to a two-word phrase, so you can treat them as a huge homogenous lump and either pander to them or dismiss them.

I’m tired of phrases like “All African American voters will…” Or “Hispanic voters will…” Or “Women voters will…”

Look, just because segments of the population share obvious physical or ethnic traits does not mean they vote as a homogenous block! I was downright insulted by all the rhetoric surrouding the debates that involved such gems as “Women don’t like to see men sweat.” Dude, I’m trying to decide who I want as the leader of this country for the next four years, and you think I’m so stupid I’m going to make that decision based on sweat or the color of a fucking tie?

I recently drove through beautiful, scenic (read: ugly and industrial/agricultural) Barstow, CA. They saw fit to declare themselves an All America City. Not All American, mind, but All America. Because you know the San Joaquin Valley is such a fucking diverse place.

I know you’re not that stupid, nor most of the people here, but sadly I think a lot of people are. It seems like outrageous bullshit gets votes.

– The American people

just say “Americans,” asshole.

– Get Out the Vote

also known as harrassing the apathetic

– Energizing the Base

also known as preaching to a choir of political dildos in stupid hats
And the words that really grate on me:

– “I have a plan …”

Someday, somewhere, a politician will run on the basis of “I’ll just try not to fuck things up worse than they already are.” And I will call his campaign to volunteer.

I think they have figured it out. It seems to be working, unfortunately. But then when you’ve got the media to help you out, it’s not really that difficult. See?

…FEAR…terrorists…FEAR…9/11…FEAR…Osama…FEAR…weapons of mass destruction…FEAR…Saddam…FEAR…alert…FEAR…danger…FEAR…

I would consider my life complete to hear Dubya get up to the mic, raise his hands in the air and say, “OOGAH BOOGAH!”

[pregnant pause as he waits for cheering to die down]

“God bless America.”

And the crowd goes wild!

In a poll of Catholic voters, they were just as split between Bush and Kerry as much as the general public (1% more of Catholics were for Kerry).

So much for “the Catholic vote.”

Then there are the “9/11 Widows.” Insignificant as a voting bloc, very significant as a lobbying power you don’t want to cross.

Don’t forget the Yuppies and Guppies of yesteryear.


You know, fuck it. I started putting together a post in…sometime in September, whenever I first heard the term “Security Mom.” I was going to post it in MPSIMS, but got chicken and never did. Never even finished it. I was going to have more cites and points. I have the utmost admiration for people who do these kinds of posts all the time, much much better. I suck at this kind of thing. I’ve stolen parts of this for other posts. Well hell, here’s my belated, unfinished Security Mom post. The day after tomorrow there won’t be any reason to finish it. I don’t even know if the links still work.

This has some controversial stuff in it, but I hope it’s not moved to the Pit. I doubt that the kind of women who are supposed to be “Security Moms” or who know women like them, ever read the Pit.

I don’t have a cite, but I keep hearing about these women. Apparently, from what I gather, they’re women who, under normal circumstances, might not necessarily vote for George Bush, but will this time because of terror fears. For unknown reasons, they give him high marks in the area of security.
I just don’t get it. Beyond the fact that Bush’s policies have been devastating to the environment, women’s rights, the economy, education, civil rights, health care (especially children’s health), and a thousand other things, not to mention all the people his bogus war has killed and wounded in Iraq, his record on terror has been abysmal.

You think you’re safer with Bush? You’re woefully uninformed.

In the first place, he let 9/11 happen by not paying attention to the warning signs. I’m not saying it could have been prevented, but it might have been.

Then, after he had the support of the country and the world to go after Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan, he sends an inadequate number of troops to do the job.

Then, even though Saddam Hussein had no connection with 9/11, and Saddam and Osama hated each other, Bush pulls resources out of Afghanistan to invade Iraq. The intelligence showed that Saddam did not currently have Weapons of Mass Destruction, but the information was manipulated to make it seem as if he did. Everyone in the administration, from Bush on down, banged the 9/11-Saddam-Osama-WMD-FEAR-TERROR drums to gain support for his invasion. Where’s Osama? He got away. Where are the Weapons of Mass Destruction? They don’t exist.

Now, we have a situation in Iraq that is beyond horrific. Tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens have been killed. potential terrorists are being made every day when a loved one dies. Current terrorists are streaming across the borders into Iraq to help the insurgency.

Say what you will about Saddam, and I do not excuse him or defend him for ANYTHING, the country was stable. It was a secular society where women could work and move around in a fairly Westernized way. Now they’re confined in their homes as religious extremists have practically taken over.


Here’s more that should scare the bejezuz out of “Security Moms.”







So, either he’s an innocent who’s been held without charges, or he’s a big-time terrorist free to roam again. Which is it?

Btw, where’s Osama? Oh yeah (checks calandar), October.







President of Pakistan, who should know, says Iraq war a mistake.


Oh yeah, I feel a whole lot safer!

I would only urge you to rent and watch Fahrenheit 9/11, and/or spend a little bit of time at these sites watching a few short flash animations. It doesn’t take much time, and most of them are quite interesting.

Take Back the Media (may have to turn your speakers down, the music ranges from great to horrific)

A few favorites, but I like them all: Army of One (music by the Cranberries), Murder By Numbers (music by Sting),Baghdad Snapshot Action (music by Louie Armstrong), 911: An American Requiem

There are more here:

“Your Failure to be informed does not make me a wacko.”
-John Loeffler


“The Bulletin Board Ranters”

I’m just sick of hearing about the MILFs.

Yeah, you got mine here. I’m so goddamn sick of hearing about shit like how the candidates are dressed or how many contractions they use when speaking. The pundits imagine that such non-issues drive the electorate, and by stressing this shit at the expense of analysis of the candidates’ positions on issues, they actually manage to make this kind of thing more salient in the mind of the public than things like, oh, how the fuck we’re gonna get out of Iraq and making sure that poor people have insurance. Remember when the media used to go out and call bullshit on empty rhetoric and lies? Now they’re too busy covering photo-ops and critiquing the candidates’ cufflinks.

The sad part is that the President’s necktie experts probably are influencing the election . . .

Unfortunately, no one is ever going to admit that they voted for the candidate with the prettier cufflinks. The losing campaign, however, uses this kind of nonsense to discredit the candidate that wins. I’m not saying that every voter is an informed voter, but do you really think that the color of a candidate’s tie really sways a person that is involved enough in politics to get in their car tomorrow to drive to the polls.