Godfather DVD Collection

I’m surprised there’s not a thread yet.

Anyone else get it? The bonus material is excellent. There’s a great documentary that shows screen tests. This was actually shown on HBO in the early 90’s.

There’s also extra scenes, including one I haven’t seen before but read about, with Michael and the DOn in the garden talking about vengeance for Sonny. They also have some storyboards, notebooks, and an on location section.

I see the biggest improvement in part II as far as quality goes.

I also heard there were some easter eggs in this but I haven’t heard yet how to find them.


I picked it up last week and think it’s fantastic. I watched Godfather and Godfather II on it for the first time in several years and found them as entertaining as always. I haven’t gotten around to watching Godfather III again yet.

I didn’t notice any easter eggs, but I agree about the documentary – it’s excellent.

and the deleted scenes are cool too. (Each movie is more than three hours! You’d think they didn’t have any scenes left to cut out! :slight_smile: )

Check out the galleries section. There’s a cool picture of De Niro in the chair as Don Vito with Al Pacino standing behind him as Michael. Very cool picture.
I’ve got a source for the Easter Eggs, I’ll post them here.

I’ve only watched the first movie and parts of the bonus disc so far, but I’m very impressed. The bit on Coppola and his notebook was interesting to watch.

God, I have bought so many DVDs in the last two months, it’s disgusting.


Easter Eggs: all on the 5th Disk.

1)Go to set up bring your cursor to the right and you’ll see a globe. Click on it and you get a montage of foreign dubs of scenes… pretty funny

  1. Go to the DVD credits… Go to the end until the menu highlights Previous but you’ll notice another next below it. Click on that for a scene from the Sopranoes. The Funniest bit is when soemone says “Jeeze when will Paramount get their shit together”

  2. On the family tree highlight Sonny, highlight his picture and you’ll get a Biograophy of James Caan. Highlight his picture and badadap badabeep badaboop you get another of his screen tests as Sonny doing Brando (Notice his Marine Uniform under his jacket.

That is all I could find but man what a great set of movies!!!

I too have it and I found my appreciation growing for it even more than I thought possible. They are such great films it is, possibly perfect (well I and II…III is still a very good movie in my opinion but pales in comparison). And the quality is outstanding considering how bad the source material was. On another message board devoted to home theater a specialist discussed why it was such a good copy even though you will see some specks and other problems. I cannot remember the details except that there really was no original print they could use, they actually had to use different prints for differnt parts of the movies.

I actually have not had the chance to watch the extras yet, but look forward to it, esp. the commentaries by Coppola.

As an aside, let me say I HATE EASTER EGGS in general. I don’t hate the content, just the fact that you have to go through a ton of BS to get to the stuff.

Does it have all the extra scenes that are in I and II when they are shown on TV, like visiting Genco in the hospital, meeting Hyman Roth for the first time, etc? If so, are they integrated into the movies, or are they separated?

nitpick: The first Godfather, at 175 minutes, is just short of 3 hours. The theatrical version of Part III is 162 minutes while the video version runs 169 minutes. At 200 minutes, only Part II is over 3 hours. (Running times are for US release.)

Harvey - the films are shown in their original versions. The deleted scenes are all on a separate disk, not integrated into the films.

BTW - was anyone laughing their asses off besides me at Coppola’s choice of tux for the clips of him accepting the Oscars? I mean green?! And the floppy bow tie! I have such a hard time visualizing that those were in style back then. Damn is that ugly.

I haven’t seen all the extras yet. (Hell, it’s a lot of film to watch even without the extras.) I did enjoy some of Coppola’s commentary. Who knew he found Abe Vigoda to play Tessio during an open casting call?