Godspeed, Airman Doors

Yesterday, Airman finally left for the Middle East. 'Bout time, too, considering how long he’s been waiting to go.

He’d been told that he needed to report at 7:30 a.m. Then, at about 3:00 a.m., he got a call that said no, the flight was postponed 'til Thursday. Since we had one foot out the door when we checked voice mail, Airman was not happy.

At lunch, I checked my e-mail. The news was, well, acceptable. Airman was to report at 8:30 at night, which he did. We were allowed to stay until he had to report for some briefing. Neither of us wanted to say goodbye, but this is not forever.

At any rate, we don’t know how long he’s going to be deployed. With any luck, it’ll be short and he’ll be home soon. That’s what we’re both hoping for, anyway.


Our hopes as well.

I’m sure the good wishes of the rest of the board are with him as well.

Keep us posted?

Indeed, Godspeed Airman Doors. You’ll be in our thoughts and prayers, and wish you a safe and quick return home to MsRobyn.
Zev Steinhardt

You, Airman Doors and Baby Doors are in my thoughts and prayers, sweetie.

What everyone else said. You have my full support.

Good luck and wishes to you, Robyn, Airman and Baby Doors.

MsRobyn, I’ll keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers. Come home safe and soon Airman Doors.

Good luck Doors, my thoughts will be with you. I hope for your safe and quick return. Hugs to MsRobyn and BabyDoors.

Good luck to all of you. Check in when you can.

Doing a cheerful, patriotic Betty Grable-type salute to Airman . . .

Best wishes to Airman Doors and family.

Good luck to all of you. Check in when you can. Well, not BabyDoors, but you get the idea.

Love and hugs to all three of you.

Best wishes, Airman Doors. I’ve enjoyed hearing the progress of BabyDoors growing ‘up’, and hope that he’s with both his mom and dad again soon.


Good luck **AD/b].

Is he going to be actually in the planes while they are dropping bombs or on the ground as part of support?

As a side note what can we do (other than pay taxes) to support our boys in the field. Do they need GPS units like in Desert Storm?What can we do to support them in the field?

Good luck AD, we’ll start planning the return party in the meantime.

Keep us posted.

Best wishes from the Weird/North clan, keep your heard down and your powder dry.

Here’s hoping for a hasty return. Our best wishes go with Airman Doors and to MsRobyn.


Good luck, Airman, and come home safe.