gohip.com ate my browser!!!

For some reason, about a week or two ago, gohip.com suddenly became my browser’s ‘home page’ (the page that loads when I start it up). I changed it back, I changed it to blank, all I could think of, but every time it changed back to gohip.com! This is extremely annoying! What can I do to stop it? I have IE 5 for Windows 98.

Go into internet options.
Click the security tab.
Click on restricted sites.
Click on custom level.
Click disable for every option, then click ok to close the settings box.
With restricted sites still highlighted, click on the sites button.
Type the web address into the add this web site to the zone, click add, click ok to exit.
They are now set so that their site can do about squat on your computer.
Click ok at the bottom of the internet options window.
All your new options are saved.

Delete their cookie if you find it.

Set your home page back to what you want.

Let me know how this works for you, either way.

The above method is good for those sites that take control and won’t let you leave without killing the connection.

My apologies if this turns up as a double post… it timed out as I tried to send it the first time.

I had this same problem about a month and a half ago. It is so annoying having this sort of spam marketing that they use. I don’t remember where I picked it up, but they infected my computer with their “browser enhancement”. Not only did it show up on my browsers (both IE and Netscape), but attached itself as a signature to all my outgoing e-mails.

The best way to get rid of is is to run a removal program that you can download from the Go-Hip Customer Service Page. I have used this program effectively and it was recommended from the Wired News page. I hope this helps.

Those bleeding idiots at gohip.com seem to think that hijacking the browsers of users who visit their web site is a valid marketing campaign. I suggest everyone write them very strong letters, and copy the Federal government. What they are doing is damaging to the Internet and counterproductive to what little isleft of online privacy.

I killed this on a friends computer and it kept rising from the dead. They install a program in the windows start folder that makes them your start page when you reboot.
Look for something with a name like “Runwin.dll”. If it’s there, check the properties for it. GoHip should be mentioned. If it is, delete it, and you should be able to reclaim your browser.