Goin' to Texas, any suggestions for a great vacation?

I’m leaving for Texas in the morning. I’ll be going with my dad, step-mom, and cousin. We’re going to visit my older sister and her husband who just had their first baby. My sister lives south of Austin, near Waco. We’ll be there from the 1st to the 10th.

I’m really excited about going, but it’ll be my first time on a plane since I was 6. I don’t remember much of my first plane ride other than my ears hurting so bad I screamed most of the way there (God bless the kind flight attendents).

Does anyone out there in Doper Land have any suggestions for a more pleasant flight? Also, any general advice on the whole flying experience (what to bring on the plane, what to pack in general, ect.) would be most appreciated.

Also, I’ve never been to Texas before, so any suggestions for places to visit would also be great.

Thanx in advance,
Star Light

To prepare for the Texas expierence you may want to rub lighter fluid on you and then light a match. It can be a tad on the warm side down there.
On the plane wear comfortable clothes and I find chewing gum helps with the ears. A book and your own music would be good as well. The main thing about flight is to be eary and be patient.
Also wear strudy shoes because if the plane crashes and you live you then have to walk over some heavy duty wreakage so keep that in mind.

Oh and tonight you should watch Fearless. :slight_smile:

Umm… Waco is 90 miles North of Austin.

As a former Waco resident (and still-frequent visitor), I’ve got to warn you that there’s not a whole lot to do in the Waco area. In Waco itself and worth a look are The Dr. Pepper Museum and The Texas Ranger Museum. The Texas Sports Hall of Fame is near the Texas Ranger Museum and is worth a look. The Waco Zoo is pretty good, too. Crawford is nearby if you want to get arrested trying to break into the Bush ranch.

Otherwise, I’d head south to Austin, San Antonio, and the Hill Country: Fredericksburg (Lotsa stuff, including the Nimitz Museum), Stonewall (LBJ Ranch), Luckenbach (Get back to the basics of love), etc.

But for a Great Texas vacation, head out here to the Big Bend!

Also: it’s going to be HOT and HUMID where you’re heading; routinely expect high temperatures around 98-102 and overnight lows no lower than about 75.

Thank you so much.

I fell so much better now. :eek:

Go to New Brausfels and ride in a tube in the Guadalupe River too fun. And pretty and the cool spring water will keep you cool. Food is great too.

Zebra, it’s not that hot here. After all, I’ve been working in my backyard all afternoon, and the tips of the sleeves of my t-shirt and two spots on my sides are dry!

Star Light, what do you like and where will you be? Texas is 850 miles wide and just as tall (well somebody had to say it!) There’s ocean, desert, mountains (more or less), Deep South pines, Great Plains and there’s all sorts of things to see. Also, what sort of things interest you?

As far as the airplane trip goes, get a pack of gum and chew it during takeoff and the landing approach. If you know how to pop your ears, it might work better.

Tube Loop!!! Tube Loop!!!

(there’s another place besides Abbott’s, but I couldn’t find it…)

They’re putting out 192CFS at the dam–not great, but not bad for August…

A 10 day visit to the Texas Hill Country huh? Austin and San Antonio both have a lot to offer. I prefer Austin, but only because I love the live music on 6th Street and the nekked women at Hippy Hollow, but that’s just me.
There are several websites that can help you plan an Austin visit, but the two below are probably the most informative.

Check out Jefferson here and here. It is a pretty cool old town about 3 or 4 hours from Waco. Stay in a Bed and Breakfast and shop the next day. Also Galveston has a historic district that is pretty nice. Ditto what Pantellerite said about Dr. Pepper and the Texas Ranger Museum (gun lovers heaven). Don’t forget DFW as it will be just right up the road from you. The Hill Country is nice and Big Bend is this country’s best kept secret.

Don’t forget to stop at a Dairy Queen!

Dallas? Dallas is a business town. The only thing to see there is the book depository, a lot of vertical concrete and steel, and “The Mixmaster” (the I-30/I-35/I-45/U.S. 75 interchange; not for the faint of heart)

Instead, go to Ft. Worth, which has maintained a good bit of its historic look. And smack in between is Arlington, which has Six Flags over Texas and a water amusement park.

If you’re in Austin, there’s always The Capitol Building, and as mentioned above, 6th Street Rocks. Does anyone know if Joe’s Generic is still open?

San Antonio has The Alamo, and though I’ve never been there, I’ve been told that the riverfront district n San Anton is quite beutifual and really hopping at night.

Look up any city at DigitalCity.com

P.S.: there’s a lot of Dopers in Texas. Come on over, pull up a seat, kick your feet up and sit a spell. :slight_smile:

The answer to your question is yes.


Wednesday 08/01/01
Jim Talbot (7:30)
Tony Redman Band (10:00)

Thursday 08/02/01
Mark Goodwin Band (7:30)
Appa’s Blues Power (10:00)

A request…
Stop by D.C., pick up Dubya, and take him back to Texas. While you’re giving rides, stop by Tallahassee too, and pick up liddle brudder Jeb, and take him to Texas too.

Many will be eternally grateful.

…and if you decide to take the big road trip to Jefferson (which surely must be more than 3-4 hours away; it’s practically in Louisiana!), you’ll leave Waco on Highway 31. I think that just off of Hwy 31, near the McLennan-Hill county line is Mount Carmel–the Koresh compound. The owner of the property welcomes visitors and will give you a free tour of the site.

Not many people know this but Waco was the sight of the first atomic bomb explosion. Everything was blown up and now sits decaying in a most apocalyptal way. Today the only thing left standing in the main part of the city , amid the lonely roofless wall of old buildings, are a few relitivly pleasent looking bars. AT least that’s what it looks like to me. Oh yes and Baylor is there.