Going Home for Spring Break

I’m leaving for home in about two hours. The weather network claims it’ll be clear all the way home. So if we’re lucky and get only minimal traffic in Toronto and Montreal, it should only take us…oh…about 8 hours. If we’re unlucky…well, last time we made the trip it took us 10 hours. I hope we’re lucky. For everyone else on reading week this week, have fun. And for the rest of you - hopefully you all get a break soon too! :slight_smile:

I hope you arrived safely. Have fun!


Dear God Man! Home on Spring Break? Don’t do it, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life! You only get 4-5 Spring Breaks in your life, make the most of them!

Dear god man! Its February, isn’t it? I thought that qualified as winter…:stuck_out_tongue:

It`s “Dear God WOMAN!” thank-you-very-much :slight_smile:

I arrived safely and am totally enjoying it. As for our choice to come home - well, it’s the only place we could afford. And I call it spring break because “Reading Week” is a dumb name and I’d like to think winter is over (despite all evidence to the contrary).

I’m glad to hear you made it safely. (I never thought you were a man; your user name struck me as feminine.)

So what have you been doing on break, and when will you return?


I’ve never heard this term before. Is this a singular Canadian thing? Or do some colleges call Spring Break, Reading Week in the States? Overseas?

Do they actually expect you to study?!

I’m back from break today - and I have three midterms, a major project, and a formal lab report to do all in the next week. Ain’t life great? :slight_smile:

Actually, I had a lot of fun back home, so it was worth it.

Chief Scott, Reading Week is more or less Spring Break, only it doesn’t really happen in the spring, so I suppose the schools decided they needed to come up with another name for it. So Reading Week it became, and the expectation is that you WILL study, or you will fail all assignments and projects due immediately after (see paragraph one). Of course, no one does, and we are all left panicking througout the whole week because “there is no
@^#&?$* way we can get it all done on time”.

I don’t know if it’s a Canadian thing - it could be. I suppose GQ could answer better than I :slight_smile: