Going on a diet, or on one now?

One more reason not to go on a high-protein diet.

High-Protein Diets Dehydrate Even the Very Fit

People constantly ask me what "diet"I am on. I respond, “I eat right, that’s my diet”.

If one more person asks me if I’m on Atkins, I’m gonna scream.

Actually, I took up the crusade of eating right to demoralize that Atkins and Carb Addict dummies.

I went from 225 to 178 pounds just by eating according to the food pyramid and making sure that my calories count is around 1500 per day, while my calorie burn is 2000-2500 per day.

I get most of my nutrition (fiber, protein,complex carbs, etc) everyday, and I can eat anything I want, provided it fits into my daily food pyramid and that the serving size is approprtiate.

All the diets in the world cannot never escape this fact: You must create a healthy 3500 calorie deficit to lose one pound of body fat.

Hey guys! If you’re interested, there’s a thread in MPSIMS devoted to Dieting Dopers and other Healthy Lifestylers.

So if you want to talk shop, pop on in. (not to rant about high protein, low carb or any other diets, but just to get tips, share successes & whatnot…)

Oh, and I’d link, but I’ve already got umpteen browser windows open & I’m lazy… :slight_smile: