Going on a long car trip, recommend a good Gameboy/DS game

I am driving with some friends from KC to Denver next week. Since it does not look as though I will be doing much of the driving myself, I need something to pass the time. Several months ago I bought a Nintendo DS, but the only DS game that has interested me enough to actually buy it is Super Mario 64 DS.

I have been browsing Amazon.com for some new games to buy, but I am hesitant to buy one out of the fear that it will really suck. With the DS being backwards compatible with the Game Boy Advance there seems to be a huge number of games to choose from, but I am stuck.

So, what are some good Gameboy Advance and DS games? I prefer RPGs, strategy, and adventure games, but I will gladly play any good game. Any suggestions as to what game might keep me entertained for about 20 hours worth of driving?

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (GBA) is a terrific action game with RPG elements. All of the portable Zelda games are great, including the newest one, Minish Cap (GBA). Mario & Luigi (GBA) is a fun, shortish little RPG.

Aria of Sorrow is probably the cream of the crop, though - it’s up there with Super Metroid on my list of all-time best platformers.

I can’t help with DS games, as I’ve only played Mario DS and the Metroid demo.

In a related vein, I’m looking for Gameboy Advance/DS games that can be played by someone who can’t read English (long story). Any recommendations?

I’ve been off the scene for a while, but if you want games that can suck away time, try and find the most recent GBA incarnation of the Zelda, Harvest Moon, Advance Wars , Final Fantasy Tactics or Pokemon series. I’m dead serious about the last one - they’re all solid games, just make sure the subject matter interests you.