Going to a wine festival in 10 minutes. OK to get tipsy?

What is the protocol for this?

Jeez. Thanks, Dopers. Mrs. Garrett and I are shitfaced.

I was keeping my eye on this thread as well. If it’s any consolation, the one time I went (Wine Styles) I got hamered.

It’s a festival. With wine. For wine. About wine.

I think if you don’t get tipsy, you might be doing something wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously (and I know this is late but whatever), it’s OK to get tipsy. Not OK to get shit-faced, fall down drunk. And of course, make sure your driving situation is planned for accordingly.

If you’re going to really evaluate each wine you taste, you might want to spit, but if you’re just going to casually enjoy the wines, swallowing is OK. Pours will most likely be just an ounce or two. (Although some of the festivals I go to are VERY generous with pours and I usually end up dumping most of my tastes.) Dumping is fine.

Our local paper did a pretty good tasting room etiquette piece.
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I think most of the stuff applies to a festival as well. The biggest ‘no-nos’ I tend to notice by tourists when I go out tasting are heavy cologne/perfume, gum, and smoking, although that does seem to be dwindling.
My husband and I were in Napa today touring a really awesome castle, and tasting, of course. The group we were with on the tour was fine.
The castle (a completely functional winery) is really incredibly cool. I snapped a few pics.

lol. Or maybe it is OK. :wink: As long as you and the other festival goers are having fun, it’s all good.

I vote this thread the funniest first and second post ever.