What not to do with a glass of wine . . . . .

Fairly Mundane and Pointless

Last night I was lounging in the lounge, lying on the sofa drinking a glass of wine (my first one of the evening, honest) When an idea popped in to my head.

As a light bulb illuminated over my head, a little voice said “Why not try to balance that glass of wine on your leg”

I thought “What a good idea!” and so proceeded to balance a glass of wine on my leg. This worked pretty well . . . . . . . for the first 10 seconds or so. The glass started to over balance so I sat up and tried to grab it, I missed and the wine flew from the glass, drenching me, myself and the sofa.

Fantastic :slight_smile:

Just another chapter in the life of Gartog the clumsy.

In other news my 200th post was

not that I’m counting.


<note to self: At future social gatherings, serve Gartog wine in a sippy cup and do not let him drink lying down.>

Thanks for a morning laugh! :smiley:

You loon :smiley:

Ok, I have to know. Red or white?

(That’s what you get for listening to the voices in your head. I suggest covering head with aluminium foil - works for me, anyway)

Thanks :wink: White, although I usually drink Red so I was lucky (I guess)

FairyChatMom, maybe I should get a bib too :wink:

Oh Sweetie, I’m sorry you spilled your wine :-(, but thanks for a nice laugh! :slight_smile: A good thing to keep in mind if you spill wine, especially if it’s red, is to put seltzer water or club soda down on it immediately. It helps minimize the stains.

For future reference, this stuff works miracles. I even used it to get smooshed raspberry off my daughters khaki pants.

Lots of places on line sell it, so search around for the best price if you’re going to buy it…I just picked a random URL for your viewing pleasure.

Coolness, Sue! Thanks for that neat link!

Must be going around. I haven’t had any wine in ages but opened a bottle of merlot last night. Fortunately the only thing made permanetly purple is a section of my keyboard. Grrrr.