Going to be in London on day of US v England

By pure coincidence I will be arriving in London on June 12, the day of the big game.

I figure I might swing by a pub and check out the game, but I’m a little skittish about how low a profile I might need to keep. Now I’m not the most noticable person in the first place and I won’t jumping around and shouting or anything no matter what happens. Is that enough or is this the kind of emotional situation where you might just need to lay really low or perhaps skip altogether? Do I need to avoid certain kinds of palces? I really know nothing about the bar scene in London.

I don’t imagine throngs of football hooligans will be chasing me through the streets A Hard Day’s Night style, but I could see where it could be unpleasant.

No, in general, I think you’ll be fine. Where football problems occur - and they do, albeit rarely - they are between teams that have a traditional rivalry. Celtic and Rangers in Glasgow is an obvious example, though there are London teams for whom the same is true, I’m sure. The UK and the US don’t have that kind of sporting history, so the reaction won’t be the same, no matter who wins. Don’t go round cheering wildly if you’re the only yank in the pub, should the US win, and you’ll be fine :wink:

You’ll make it obvious the moment that you open your mouth to order a drink that you’re from the other side of the pond. So you might expect a few good-natured jokes at the expense of the US, which you should take in the same spirit. But I doubt if there will be any kind of violence.

Er, what game? No, seriously, I have no idea what you’re talking about. No doubt others will be in the same position.

World Cup, matey.

Opening game of World Cup this summer, for those without a clue about international football.

Captain, I’d say you’re okay as long as the US doesn’t pull the big upset. Then all bets are off, especially if you’re obnoxious about it a la Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin.

ETA: I’d wager you’ll have more fun watching there than you would back home, so enjoy!

I was in Vancouver on the final day of the Olympics (there was this hockey game going on). It was awesome. Everyone in the area was watching or checking in on the game, the pubs, coffee shops, anywhere with a tv screen was tuned in. And when it had all ended, the celebration in the streets was incredible.

Of course, those were Canadians v. English soccer fans, but it was a great place to be.

I think you can expect a boisterous but good-natured atmosphere. Even if you inadvertently choose a slightly rough pub, and even if the US wins, I think it’s very unlikely that you will encounter any trouble, unless you are particularly obnoxious about it and choose the wrong person to goad. The extent of football-related violence is overstated in the US media I think, and as others have said it tends to be associated with certain bitter local or occasionally national rivalries. Since we barely regard the US as a football country at all (;)) there is no such rivalry.

I rmember being in a pub during the England - Ireland game in the 1990 finals, with a mostly English crowd and maybe 10% Irish. You’d think there might be the potential for trouble there, right? Not a bit of it. Vigorous banter and tongue-in-cheek abuse, sure, but the atmosphere was great, even when Ireland scored.

Just get a Clint Dempsey jersey, you’ll be fine.

You’ll be fine. I watched the Euro '96 quarterfinal in a pub with some Germans, and none of them got killed when England inevitably lost on penalties.

My point was that (shock horror) the entire world doesn’t revolve around football.

I (American) was in Esfahan, Iran for the Iran vs US World Cup game in 1998. Loved it - and the US lost which made the celebrations afterwards really fun.

I went to that match in Lyon and after the game the French/Iranians were particularly annoying (you’d have thought that France or Iran just won a war) but I never felt too threatened walking back to my car.

Indeed it doesn’t. However, the population of a pub showing the opening match of the World Cup at the time of that match, is probably going to have a fairly high proportion of people interested in football.

Nevertheless, I doubt the OP will have much trouble, as long as he isn’t obnoxious about supporting the US (which it doesn’t sound like he will).

You’ll have a blast. You’ll be regarded as a bit of a curiousity - a Yank that’s interested in football! - and subjected to nothing more than some banter. You’ll probably get a warm welcome, and have beer bought for you.

As others have said, even if USA win (or something dramatic happens like a last minute equaliser), you would really have to go out of your way to be super-obnoxious in the wrong place with the wrong crowd for anything ugly to happen.

To be fair, most of the world actually does :wink:

And London will be completely rocking with football mania on that day. Every pub with a TV screen will be rammed. But the OP really really doesn’t need to worry about trouble - despite reports to the contrary, Brits actually like Americans most of the time, hooliganism is actually fairly rare, and there’s no rivalry in that game. Our big ‘enemies’ in football are Germany and Argentina. I’ve been in pubs when Argentina has beaten England, with Argentinian fans in team colours going wild and being obnoxious, and there STILL wasn’t any trouble (beyond some low crumbling).

OP, go and watch, and have fun. I think you’ll love it.

And talking of scary fans, I’m off now to watch Chelsea v Aston Villa live - a Villa fan sat in the Chelsea supporters section. Trust me, that’s a world more scary that England V USA

If the miricle happens and the US wins this (or any world cup) THEN all bets are off with all of the Euros.


That must have been fun for you! :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ll be treated in much the same way as the Jamaican Bob sleigh team were treated by the scandinavian national teams at the winter olympics years ago.
You’ll have a bloody good time.

Soccer hooliginsim is still a very real thing(And it s still very violent) but not as the massive event that it used to be.
Its now mostly a tribal thing between certain teams and their supporters both in the U.K. and foreign teams, off the top of my head from Spain,Italy and Turkey.
I think that you’ll be totally safe and really enjoy yourself .

I mean …supporting the American football team ?

It would be like kicking a new born puppy.