Going to Grad School

At work this morning I log onto Hotmail and check my email. Why? To see if one of my delivery boys has emailed me back. He hadn’t, but I saw another email there from an unknown name a very inviting title. “MISt Offer of Admission” is the title of the email which stoked my curiousity sufficiently to have me drop all work and begin reading it. It was short, three sentences, but the gist of it was:


In September I will begin my program, Masters of Information Studies. I am overjoyed. At long last I can, on a whim, quit my job because I have the knowledge that I am GOING TO GRAD SCHOOL. At long last I will get to spend my days reading and studying. At long last I get to enjoy coffee in the afternoon, on a patio, reading. At long last (its only been six months) I will be a student again.

If I ever decide to return to the working world, somebody kill me.

Ah yes. At long last you get to be dirt poor and socially insignificant…


I’ll give you socially insignificant, but not all grad students are dirt poor. :stuck_out_tongue:

Although, even though my cash intake is higher, so is my cash outflow, so you’ve got a point there. :wink:

ENJOY!!! Grad school is great right up till that last year, when it proceeds to suck donkey balls. :wink:

Congratulations! I’m going to be starting a Library and Information Science program in the fall. Should be interesting, as the program is 90% online, regardless of where you take it.

Congrats, and have fun!

I stretched grad school out for seven years, myself, and loved almost every minute.

As a professional student I am currently going on 8 years. Looks like the professors kicking me out of the nest soon though. He would have saved himself a lot of trouble had he done it sooner.

You mean working for money? Yea, slave labor rocks. Don’t worry about office politics either, because nobody plays those games in grad school. No I’m not bitter. Youll get used to wearing those same jeans. After a while they’ll have “character”. Pretty soon people on the street will offer you money.

After a few years of grad school you’ll look back on this and laugh…

Not quite the same, but I got the acceptance letter today (though I had the acceptance email 2 days ago) for my second choice undergraduate program! Or should I say third choice, because I already have a BSc and I want another one! It’s all about the first choice, though… I just chose the second choice program because it would let me take pretty much the same first year classes as my first choice, which lets me change careers to something much more fun and exciting than my current job.

So… hopefully I’ll hear from choice #1 soon!

That’s what I said, six months ago, right before I started my MA program.

I won’t post any spoilers. Just…get back to me, six months after you’ve started grad school. We’ll compare notes. :slight_smile:

Oh, and congrats!

Congrats, but grad school is-- interesting…

I love it(for the most part), but it’s not for the fainthearted. And there is a lot of BS.
But I hope to continue to take classes off and on, even after I get my Master’s (in LIS). I like learning and I like school. Just no PhD for me (no way am I doing a dissertation).

Online learning is fun, but can be difficult at times. Just FYI.

[sarcasm]But at least you’ve gotten away from all that political office bullshit.[/sarcasm]

Oh, trust me, I enjoy the student lifestyle.

For example, tonight I went out to celebrate with friends. It was a grand celebration fest. It was a birthday, a going away party, and a “holy crap you dropped out of high school to pursue smoking weed on a full-time basis and now you’re our only friend to attend graduate school” party. However, I had to leave early - or when they left to begin the real decent into debauchery at the bar - because I have to be at work at 6 to supervise a truck being loaded.

If I was a student tonight, I would currently be taking shots of Gob knows what while hitting on the cute little redhead I was chatting up at my friends house.

Kind of on the same topic: Can anyone recommend a place to research different Grad School programs? I could go to each university’s website, of course, but that seems a very poor place to get unbiased information. I really have no idea how to find out who has the “best” program.

Why don’t you do a thread in GQ with the type of program you’re interested in. I’ll bet there are a bunch of SD’ers who have graduate degrees in your area of interest that can give you advice. :slight_smile:

Ok, see GQ to answer this.

Oh that’s cute. You think your going to be an undegrad again.


I’m midway through the undergrad thing and starting to look around at various after-I-graduate options. I’ve devised a cunning plan in which I stay in school at least part-time for the rest of my life, and therefore, never need to repay any of my student loans. Think it’ll work?

Is this absolutely necessary? You had a bad experience, which was made abundantly clear in your first post (and the second and the third). No need to shit all over Spezza’s accomplishment.

Congratulations Spezza. Best of luck to you.

It was a bit venemous. I apologize for that. The graduate school experience works out very well for some people, but in my experience it is an error to think that it is anything like undergrad. Those that treated it like undergrad didn’t survive.