Going to Naples, Florida. Any advice of things to do there?

I will be traveling to Naples, FL, next week and was wondering if any Dopers have any experience there? I will be working but will have time for fun as well so whatever comes to mind would be great. I will not have tons of time though so all-day things are out.

Good restaurant ideas (in particular) would be great too!

Thanks in advance!

Everglades is close but that probably takes a half day at least. They have boat rides where dolphins swim in the front of the boat.

if you like Broadway, the fine actor David Garrison is appearing at the TheaterZone in The Beast of Broadway, a one-man show about the famously demanding producer David Merrick.

If you haven’t experienced really dark skies, drive around 20-30 miles East of Naples, stop, and look up.

(at night, of course).

Grow old and die?

Um… Do you like to buy expensive things? You could go shopping downtown. And there’s the beach. Uh, day trip to Marco Island… but there’s not much to do there, either.

There’s the zoo, but if you’re not into animals, um…

Man, I gotta tell you, I lived 45 minutes away from there for five years and I’m drawing a blank here.

Swamp Buggy Racing if you are into that kind of sports.

Excellent BBQ rib place if you’re still looking for restaurant ideas: http://www.michelbobs.com/