Going to sell my domain name

I registered a domain about 10 years ago when I thought I was going to do something about writing on it. Not doing anything with it now and not planning to. Its really more of a headache since I have been registering this for years. Got so lazy that I almost missed the deadline this year. Its more along the lines of “location-activity.com” for example california-hiking.com.

Anyway, I don’t think its worth very much. The non-hyphenated version is available for sale at $1,500 and there haven’t been any takers. Network Associates quickie valuation tool put it between $350 and $500. Frankly, if I received $500, I would be ecstatic. That would cover the money that I have paid out on this thing and put a few clams in my pocket. At $200, I would be happy to cover the costs that have gone into it.

Is this sort of thing as easy as going to Sedo or something similar and placing an ad out there? It’s not valuable enough to pay for an appraisal and I doubt it would come up with anything more that what the quickie valuation was. And its more likely to be less. Just looking at some of the auctions out there, the prices in many cases aren’t even close to $200.

Probably not worth the effort. There are so many workarounds to getting a similar domain name that it’s more cost effective (unless you have an already well-established domain) to be creative, come up with a different name and pony up ten bucks than to pay even $100 for one.

I agree with the above poster, unless you have a short, (7 digits/letters) or less and it’s a .com name and something is actually representative of something, like Keyboard or Smile or such, it’s too easy to work around.

I’d just put up a white page and say “This domain is for sale” and use a php form to contact you. (If you don’t hide behind php you’ll get spammed to death)

I don’t think anyone would buy a hyphenated domain name like california-hiking.com with no traffic. Sorry but it is probably worthless.

Is it neptune-slithering.com? It’s neptune-slithering.com, isn’t it?

I’d go with cthulhu-rising.com

The money you have spent on this in the past is gone. Don’t make the mistake of holding onto a worthless or near-worthless asset because you want to get back what you put into it. While you’re waiting to get $200, the amount you’ll have spent will continue to go up while the value continues to stay down or decline. Cut your losses and just abandon it or take whatever you can get for it.

Hilarious…bonus points to you!

Alternatively, you could directly contact companies that you think might be interested in acquiring the domain name and forwarding it to their site. So if it were california-hiking, maybe you contact whoever owns californiahiking and see if they’d be willing to take it off your hands for a hundred bucks or something. The effort on their side would be minimal, so they might go for it.

I agree that it’s unlikely, though. Hyphenated domain names aren’t really all that valuable.

Actually, it looks like you’re saying that californiahiking.com is also not being used. In that case I think you’re out of luck. Just let it go.

I appreciate the thoughts. Looks like it will be something I will abandon when the time comes. I have a few months so I might list it and see if anyone wants it in the meantime.