anybody actually sold a domain name?

Mods: I am NOT trying to sell a domain name on the SDMB. I promise.

I just want to know, has anyone out there actually sold a domain name? I have a few and I’m thinking about dumping them, but can’t tell whether it’s worth it to sell them instead of just letting them lapse.

I checked out They say they charge a 10% commission, but the catch is that the minimum fee is $50. I have no idea how to value a domain name but suspect that my domains would sell for less than $500.

Any other alternatives?

Domains are cheap now, and people who want them can either force you to give them up, if you’re sitting on their trademark or if you’re not they’ll go with something else similar.

Sedo let’s you park the domains for free, it’ll even say “This domain may be for sale click here for details and you can see what you might get.”

Almost all the truly “hot” domains are snapped up. You need to take a word or phase and make it valuable, like “jumptheshark” means nothing until the website came along.

1and1 and GoDaddy usually can get you a dot-com name for under $10.00 a year, sometimes 50% off so the market has long dried up.

I sold a few of them about 6-7 years ago. I was contacted by someone interested in the names and I negotiated a price and once their payment cleared, I contacted Network Solutions and changed the contact details.

The market has dried up some but a popular name would still sell, I’d think.