Parking and/or selling a domain: vs.

I have a few domains I bought but never ended up developing, all registered at Several of them were up for renewal in a few days, and after looking around for info about domain selling, auctioning, and parking, I decided to renew them rather than just let them lapse.

GoDaddy claims that the value of these domains ranges from $490 to $1,160. Of course, I’m taking this with a giant grain of salt, but those numbers were enough to persuade me to renew the expiring ones while I examine my options.

I understand that is probably the leading site for selling and parking domains, so I have created an account there. But GoDaddy is now offering the same services, so I’m trying to figure out which to use.

Does anyone have any experience with either site (or others) that might help me with this decision? Or experience with parking domains to collect the ad revenue?


No one?