What's the best way to sell a domain name?

I have a few domains that I thought I would play with, but never did, and I figure I might as well offload them before they expired and became worthless (to me).

Any idea where I should start? I was thinking about eBay, and google turned up a service called Afternic, but I really don’t know how well either one works for this kind of thing.

So…any suggestions?

What are their names? If they’re something common that a company would really want you could make a lot of money that way. Just pleeeeaaase, don’t sell it to a domain name squatter. Those really annoy me.

The ones I’m thinking of dumping are .us names. One or two might be of interest to fundies, one or two might be of interest to pornographers. One of 'em would be of interest to somebody with a twisted sense of humor. The last one is godhates.us.

Hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time. :wink:

Please tell me I’m not the first doper who’s had a domain name to sell… :frowning: