Going to work

I don’t understand.

What are you selling?

He’s selling sunglasses, look at his profile.

Well, I was going to say that I hate going to work and would rather sit on the couch eating junk food all day, but unfortunately I work from home so can’t really take a sickie.

I’m so lazy, I can’t be bothered not going to work.

Is that what you mean?


Yeah, I have two jobs. My grocery store job, and my exterminator job (I own my own business). I can fake a sick day for the former, but my boss wouldn’t believe me when I called in sick at the latter. He’s kind of a hard-ass as well.

I have a very clear memory from the four months I was unemployed last year. It was about three months in, and I was walking down Poultry after meeting my now-husband for lunch. I could see the financial workers in their offices puttering around: photocopying, talking on phones, typing, standing up to make tea.

I had to fight to keep from pressing my face up against the window and breathing heavily on the glass. Those workers were so lucky! They had people to talk to all day. They had tasks to fulfil and meetings to go to and self-appraisal forms to fill out. They had inter-office email. They had staplers, for Og’s sake.

I didn’t love the job I had been made redundant from, but I did enjoy going to work every day. I do love my current job, and I really enjoy going to work every day. There are a few idiots who work here, but on the whole my company is well-run, my manager is excellent, my colleagues are both competent and fun, and I think we’re doing good things.

Which is not to say I don’t occasionally want to call in sick whenever I have a death hangover (as I do this morning), but on the whole I much prefer going to work five days a week to not going to work five days a week.

Actually, I treat the MMORPG I play, EVE Online like a job. I have problems with fuguing out without structure in my life - one time when my husband was out to sea on a long deployment I can distinctly remember sitting down at my computer on a Monday, and next thing I know it is Thursday. I can honestly say I do not remember eating, sleeping or going to the bathroom. I was in different clothing, so I know I showered, I wasn’t hungry so I obviously ate and drank. For a diabetic, this is a big not good.

So, since I got laid of 2 years ago, I try to maintain a steady schedule, and one of my coping mechanisms is to treat my morning session of EVE like a job. I am the director of planetary interaction, so I log in and ‘do my job’ so it keeps me organized. I have specific stuff I need to get done on specific days, part of my corp Cap Ship manufacturing function. Since it also pays for my accounts with game money instead of real world money, it helps the household budget as well. I sort of wish my ability to make ISK would translate to real world money though. sigh

Does anyone remember in Kill Bill 2 the speech Michael Madsen gave about the biggest killer of old people being retirement?

And then less than five minutes later he gets a facefull of mamba bites?

I get the impression Quentin Tarantino is afraid of eventually and peacefully dying in his sleep. I think his ideal death is to be on an airliner hijacked by ninjas that crashes into a train full of samurai that careens off a cliff into an ocean liner full of vampires.
I just thought I’d get this in before the OP is banned and the thread closed.

The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.

Alas, it too will be lost in time.

Yeah, yeah, tears in rain, falling from under stylish sunglasses.

Forget sunglasses. I’d like glasses where I can push a button or something and they change into movie-theater 3D glasses. Do you know how fucking annoying it is to put the 3D glasses over regular glasses? Eeeuuurgh!

I would love going to work every day if it weren’t for the damn glare in my eyes I get driving there.

Does anyone know any way I could possibly alleviate this problem?

Night shift.

I have 2 questions:

  1. Okay, he lists his company website in his profile, but how do we know he is here to sell his wares? Sure, I agree his posting one odd post then skating off looks a bit dodgy–and okay, the user name certainly isn’t coincidental–but mightn’t he just be here as a regular feller?

  2. The above notwithstanding, once I came across runner pat’s post, I thought twice about posting. But subsequent posters happily answered away in response to a reported post. Do folk not read any other responses before posting?

I stay home because I lost my sunglasses.

Wow! It just donned on me that I need new sunglasses …and besides I could wear them while I nap at my desk!

I’m not sure which perk you’re referring to. Staying home was never a perk of any job I’ve had, unless “getting fired” is a perk.

I was going to suggest moving further east, but yours is better.

You reported the mayor of Detroit? :smiley: