Gold Rush show on Discovery with 1 annoying thing

I know it’s not 100% real but I like it. They really mine gold and some of them make a lot of money.

The latest season the video guy keeps doing video selfies for no reason. I guess the producers are OK with that but I really don’t like it.

I can understand as that breaks the illusion that there are only gold miners that we are watching, and shows it for what it really is, a TV show about mining. I used to watch survival shows and always knew there was a well supplied camera crew (with the exception of Survivorman who seemed to do all his one camerawork), and knew the main character was not in that great a danger. One episode they filmed the camera crew, and that was really something, having to go through lots of that stuff while filming.

Speaking of unreal reality shows:

I have enjoyed Josh Gates’s shows over the years, and one thing I’ve always appreciated is that he acknowledges his crew and gives them occasional on-camera bits.

The producer of Gold Rush has been making himself more and more part of the action. He used to just be in the weekly wrap-up show.

I have watched parts of 3 episodes of survivor - over however many years the show was on.

I end up screaming at the screen:
I applaud the lady who apparently read how to friction start a fire - practice it for a bit before depending upon it.

Dude who taught [?] SERE for the military who apparently had no survival talent at all. Dude. Sigh.

To the ones in the first season who complained about the dead boring white rice while on a tropical island on the beach - Um, biol that shit in SALT water, and while not using the to cook, use it to boil off water into salt so you can use it to season other forraged food. Also, in a word - TIDAL POOL [ok, 2 words] there is a lot of seafood that ends up caught in tidal pools, when the sea retreats from the shore, go and grab fish. Add to rice. Dinner.

Le Sigh.

Video guy Selfie crap is so bad I am going to contact Discovery about it. Hopefully it’s just for this season.

I think when the pandemic started the film crew was reduced in size. They don’t seem to be shooting as much video as they used to and maybe are including selfies because they needed filler. This might be popular with the viewers also. At least from the feedback they talk about the viewers seem very character oriented. I’m mostly interested in the mining itself, but but I do like seeing Tony Beets et al, and watching Parker grow up on the show. He makes his mistakes and works through them. He is an impressive young man.

In one episode of Naked and Afraid they couldn’t catch any of the tidal pool fish so the woman sat in the pool and spread her legs to attract the fish.

I think I’m gonna need a cite for that one.

I like Tony Beets . One episode showed him at home in Arizona during the winter . He’s not on the show with Parker.