Golden Globe nominations are out

Not a lot of surprises, I don’t think, except that The Dark Knight only picked up one nod - for Heath Ledger.

I’m surprised at True Blood’s nomination. I liked it, but isn’t it unusual for fantastical stuff to be nominated for awards?

Acting noms for Tropic Thunder? I haven’t seen it but have been thinking about getting the DVD.

No Pushing Daisies nominations.

People are stupid.

Tropic Thunder is good- Cruise earns the nomination… he’s very funny. No way he is beating Ledger though…

Nothing here really outstanding- except that I’d been seeing a lot of hype about Milk and thought it would gather a handful of nominations. Guess not.

Wow, they sorta spoiled Tropic Thunder for those who didn’t know…

Wow, Clint Eastwood got a Best Original Score and a Best Song nomination.

Best TV Drama should be Mad Men in my book with Dexter a close second.

I didn’t even know Tom Cruise was IN Tropic Thunder.

Yeah, but *Miley Cyrus *got a Best Song nomination. Next year, I’ll get a Best Song nomination. This field is wide open, folks.

I posted my comments in this thread.

It’s the HBO Exemption.

HBO is like a BCS Conference. They get an automatic bid no matter what.

Not incredibly exciting, though I was pleasantly surprised by Jame’s Franco’s nom for Pineapple Express. I know, I know, stoner comedy. But I’ll be damned if it wasn’t an excellent stoner comedy, and if he didn’t have his role as a ditzy dealer down to a tee (especially considering he doesn’t smoke).