Golden Globe Nominations

Rome was nominated for Best Drama series. It was not considered a mini-series.

Good. I’d hate to think it was considered inferior to Into The West… :eek:

Bears repeating, except I would extend it to say that along with Will Farrell, Matthew Broderick’s presence in the movies mystifies me. He’s a crappy actor. I can’t stand Uma Thurman, who is entirely unsexy to me, and Nathan Lane’s shtick was old ten years ago. The cast from hell.

The movie wouldn’t have been made if Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane hadn’t signed on.

I was glad to see PSH get the award. I don’t know how anyone can argue that there was a better performance than that this year. It must win the Oscar, too.

Unhappy to see “The Squid and the Whale” get so snubbed. That Jeff Daniel’s character is a classic. Funny, sad, clueless, irritating. I was VERY impressed by that performance, and the only thing I saw this year that came close to PSH in Capote. I didn’t see “Walk the Line” but I got the impression that what Joaquin did was analogous to Jamie Foxx in “Ray”. . .not much more than an interesting imitation.

Also, I like the choice of Rachel Weisz. I thought “The Constant Gardener” was maybe the best movie I saw last year so I’m glad it got something.

I’ve never seen Desperate Housewives, but Entourage was razor sharp this year. . .hilarious, satirical, touching. Better than Earl, The Office, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. I find it hard to believe that Desp. HWs. was better.

I used to really like DHW, but now? It’s not as interesting. I never really understood the level of hype, just as I never got what was so great about Everybody Loves Raymond. Bleh.

For my money, the best series of last year were Rome and Lost. I wish Rome had gotten some acting nominations, but it always seems to take these award shows several years to catch on to how great the HBO series are. Ian McShane in 2006!