Golden Globe Nominations

Link to a story here.

I’ve seen all the drama nominees except Match Point, and liked all of them – I’m not sure A History of Violence is as good as the others, but wouldn’t be pissed if any of those won.

It’s hard to judge this list of nominees since many of the films haven’t opened here. No BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN yet. No MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA. No PRODUCERS. No MATCH POINT. And SQUID AND WHALE just opened last weekend, but I saw NARNIA instead.

But. . . of the dramas I have seen, I thought CONSTANT GARDENER was just meh. I slept through GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK and absolutely HATED “A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE.” Doesn’t leave much in that category for me, does it?

I’ve seen and liked both PRIDE & PREJUDICE and WALK THE LINE.

I’ve seen all the best dramatic actor nominees except Ledger. Philip Seymour Hoffman blew me away in CAPOTE. But I did love Terrence Howard in HUSTLE & FLOW, too.

I’ve only seen Maria Bello in the best dramatic actress category. And I’ve only seen Johnny Depp and Joaquin Phoenix in the best comedy/musical actor category. Depp gave me the creeps. Phoenix was fabulous! Same for Keira Knightley and Reese Witherspoon in the actress category.

So, I’m withholding my selections until after I see some more films. . . if they ever open here.

Really? You didn’t like Constant Gardener? I thought it was great. (Saw it with my best friend, who I also saw Capote with – we were talking last night about going to see The Producers together, when it opens, because we just can’t bear another heart-rending drama.)

I don’t think I’m gonna see THE PRODUCERS. I loved the original film. I had no desire to see the stage play. I can’t stand Will Farrell. So why should I go see the movie?

I know what you mean – I know the original so well that I tend to start laughing during the set-up to the jokes, no reason to wait for the punchline.

OTOH, I love musicals, and have some real curiosity about how this is going to turn out.

Walk the Link goes in Comedy or Musical? That’s a stretch.

Well. . . there IS a lot of music in it! (Love your new title, “Walk the Link.” Makes it sound like a golf movie.)

I do find it strange to see nominations in the TV categories for shows that haven’t even had a complete season yet. Is the criteria for the Golden Globes just for anything that aired in 2005? And if so, does it mean that consideration can only take place for the second half of last season?

I have major issues with award shows, but I take the most issue with The Golden Globes. Seems like most people (and I’m looking at some of you dopers too) just treat the show as leverage for their “this is who I think is going to win the Oscar/Emmy” theories. You’d think an award with such little respect (and the only positive light it receives is being a second banana to other award shows) would want to cease to be. The handful of times I’ve seen the GG’s on tv, half the people winning don’t even bother to show up. Aside from Marlon Brando, has ANYONE ever not shown up to accept their oscar?

As far as the nominees go, I haven’t seen ANY of the movies nominated, and the only movies I’ve seen that have other nominees are Crash and Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. I was hoping Batman Begins would have gotten some of the recognition it deserved. TV is another story. Prison Break deserves the best drama award, but Commander and Chief is going to get it. Hugh Laurie has no competition at all. At least two characters from Prison Break deserve nominations for supporting actor. Weeds deserves the comedy awards (including Mary Louise Parker beating 4 Desparate Housewives nominations!), but whoever wins or doesn’t win isn’t going to change my opinion of any of these shows.

I THINK, but I’m not sure, that George C. Scott won for PATTON and boycotted the award ceremony. But there are lots of winners who couldn’t attend because they were out of the country or something.

Cheers to the Brokeback Mountain love. Jeers to the Desperate Housewives noms (have they never seen Arrested Development’s Lucille?). Also, does Commander In Chief deserve all the attention (I’ve barely seen half an episode)?

So, were you happy with the winners? The speeches? The dresses?

Sadly, I hadn’t seen any of the winning movies, but the speeches were far better than they ever are at the Oscars.

I thought nearly everyone looked lovely, except for Drew Barrymore. What was that thing she was wearing? Hideous!

So who won what? Is there a link with all the winners listed somewhere?

Film – Brokeback Mtn.

Director – Ang Lee

Actor – PS Hoffman for Capote

Actress – Felicity Huffman for Transamerica

Best musical/comedy – Walk the Line.

I’m happy with the top three, which are two films I saw and liked very much. Haven’t seen the other two.

It’s a fun show – loved Steve Correll’s bit.

So Walk the Line, which is basically a drama, won everything in Comedy/Musical. What a pointless distinction. Were there any movies that were actually funny up for Best Comedy/Musical?

I laughed a bunch of times during Pride and Prejudice

Yeah, weird category.

And THE SQUID AND THE WHALE was so NOT a comedy!

I think it was appropriate that WALK THE LINE was in the musical or comedy classification. . . there was a boatload of music in that film. And it would have been steamrolled by BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, a highly overrated film IMHO.

“Leverage”? As we going to somehow gain something from this leverage? :confused: First of all, the field is twice as large for the Golden Globe film awards as it is for the Oscars, so it’s predictive value is limited, though I think the Best Actor in a Drama noms this year will be pretty damn close, as I said in my thread. In fact, last year the GG winners were relatively similar. I’m not sure why this bothers you.

I’ve seen all the films nominated in all the English-language categories except for Transamerica (hasn’t opened here yet), Mrs. Henderson Presents and The Matador (will see both on Wednesday), North Country and Proof (missed them when they played) and Christmas In Love (it got a song nomination and I still have no idea what this movie is). Not everybody I was rooting for won, but I’m very happy with all the wins. It’s been a very good year for movies.

I haven’t seen any of the TV nominees, not a one, so I didn’t keep track of them. Here are the film winners though.

Film Supporting Actor - George Clooney for Syriana

Film Supporting Actress - Rachel Weisz for The Constant Gardener

Film Comedy/Musical Actress - Reese Witherspoon for Walk The Line

Film Screenplay - Brokeback Mountain - Written by Larry McMurtry, Diana Ossana

Foreign Language Film - Paradise Now

Film Original Score - John Williams for Memoirs of a Geisha

Film Original Song - “A Love That Will Never Grow Old” from Brokeback Mountain

Film Director - Ang Lee for Brokeback Mountain

Film Musical/Comedy Actor - Joaquin Phoenix for Walk The Line

Film Musical or Comedy - Walk The Line

Film Drama Actress - Felicity Huffman for Transamerica

Film Drama Actor - Philip Seymour Hoffman for Capote

Film Drama - Brokeback Mountain

All in all, a very good show. The nominees were, for the most part*, excellent films (especially Brokeback Mountain, The Constant Gardener, A History of Violence, Good Night, and Good Luck, Syriana, Munich and Breakfast On Pluto, all in my Top 10 of the year), and I was happy to see the wealth of talent on hand.
(I hated The Producers and didn’t think much of The Squid and the Whale, though the acting was all top-notch)

Ooops, hit submit too soon. I thought everybody looked great but I agree that Drew Barrymore picked the wrong dress. Gwyn Paltrow looked darling in that beautiful maternity dress. Otherwise no one dress stood out. Everyone looked nice.

Did anyone else see Issac Mizrahi feel up Scarlett Johansson? He wanted to see how the built-in bra worked, and he just started feeling her boob! If he’d been straight he’d have gotten backhanded. Scarlett doesn’t seem like she’d be one to cross. She was shocked but laughed in off.

No ROME nomination for best mini-series? Was it not a mini-series or was it not considered good…?