Golf = Nap Attack

As Tiger Woods may set several golf records today, I’ve been trying to watch and fight off nap attacks. The only thing of interest in watching this game is that the golfer isn’t supposed to keep his eye on the ball. (That’s how it looks to me anyway.) Isn’t this the only sport where that would be true?

Wouldn’t that make golf the ultimate sport? Without extra mechanical help (or techie help) the “hunter” takes his eye off the prey and lets the body take control of the shot?

Might help that the prey doesn’t move… Wouldn’t help me. I couldn’t keep my eye on the ball to begin with.

As Dave Barry says, golf offers all the excitement of trying to find your car in an airport parking lot, except it’s actually less physically taxing because you get to ride around in a little cart.

There are many diseases I fear as I grow older. Golf, fishing & turning republican are right at the top of the list.

Q. What’s more boring than golf on TV?
A. Golf on the radio.

The worst thing about it is that they don’t even hire interesting announcers. Imagine if they hired the WWF guys:

ANNOUNCER1 (screaming): He’s going for it; he sinks the ball. Oh the humanity. Have you ever seen anything like this? And the caddy is breaking clubs over the heads of anyone who comes withing his reach.
ANNOUNCER2 (also screaming): What’s this? Jack Nicholaus? I thought he’s retired?
A1: Well, it looks like he’s back. And he drives over Tiger Woods with a golf cart. That can’t be legal.

And so on.
Now that’s something I’d watch.

Golf is God’s way of telling you you’ve too much time on your hands.

The more people who dislike golf, the better tee time I get on Saturday morning! Thanks.

Please, Golfwidow, allow me to post how much how FRACKING HATE this stupid sport. You may safely assume your tee time will move up 5 minutes now. :slight_smile:

Personally I would rather watch a nosepicking contest than a golf match. But what the heck, different strokes for different folks.

Golf on radio! Geeze, DDG, I never even thought of that. Imagine yourself stuck in rush hour traffic with only one radio station and it’s golf. Zzzzzzzzz. that would be the end of me.

I play golf, but have to agree that watching it on TV is very boring. However someone must like it cuz right now that is the ONLY thing on every network on sunday afternoon.

as a DISC golfer, i can get into the spirit of the thing for about a hole and a half before falling asleep. golf always seems to be on when i’m down for a weekend nap, so this is actually pretty convenient.

I used to play golf all the time, but I haven’t been on a course in years. Even when I was still playing, I thought golf on TV was boring. Yeah, yeah, Tiger Woods is great, blah, blah, blah…I still don’t want to watch him. This time of year is especially bad for networks sports on Sundays. Nothing but golf and NASCAR. Football season can’t get here soon enough for me.