Gonzales is Toast: new documents show him approving the US Atty firing plan

AP story here.

The exact nature of the documents aren’t given here, but there was an hour long meeting in Nov betweem the AG and 5 top aides to discuss the plan, and the implication is the he signed off on a 5 point plan.

I hope these documents get posted in full somewhere online. I find it particularly interesting the reference to part of the plan that would give advance notice to Republican elected officials in the affected states. I wonder what was the plan for Democratic elected officials?

The AG has been a paralyzed falcon ever since Bush said he had “full faith” in him.

“Another one bites the dust, another one bites the dust…”

Yup. Stick a fork in Alberto, he’s done.

Somehow, I doubt I’ll be asked to take his place :frowning: