Goo Goo g'Joob! Take that Easter Bunny

“I am the eggman,
They are the eggman,
I am the Walrus.”

So I boiled up 3 dozen eggs.

Grandwrex and pets are way too excited.
Man oh man, I hate to mix up that Paas. Vinegar smell gives me PTSD.
It’s decided to carry this operation out to the picnic table.

The kids are banned to the play gym til I get the hotwater and dye mixed up in little cups.
My first mistake. Waxed dixie cups and hotwater are not compatible. Dang it.

Back indoors to search for solo cups.
Ever helpful Hamza thinks solo cups will melt too. Use coffee cups, sez he.

Ok, ok. I got my eye outside, the littlest grandwrex is at the picnic table with a finger in the blue dye. It went immediately to her mouth. Cyanosis? Nope.

I sent the Lil’wrekker to stop that foolishness til I found enough old mugs for the dye. Put more water in the kettle.

Dang it! Where are these Moms?
Oh, yeah. Errands at Walmart for easter basket junk. I always get the short end of the straw.

Ok. The dye is all mixed up. I took a valium for my PTSD.
Yeah, baby. I’m making tie dye. Eggs.:crazy_face:

Goo Goo g’Joob.

beck…making her own fun.
Peace and Love to all for this easter weekend!!


Have you ever considered hiring out as a replacement for Erma Bombeck?

Bombeck- beckdawrek

We did eggs today, but instructions said room temperature water on them. We had PAAS, and used Solo cups. I think that’s how we’ve done it in years past, too. They dye fine.

Of course, I didn’t read the instructions.
I’ve dyed for years.

I really don’t use boiling water. Just warm.

Warm water will be fine in Solo cups. I’ve done it many times. They only start to melt when the water gets above faucet temps, so don’t use them in the microwave.

I wonder if any Brits find it weird that we actually use real eggs instead of chocolate. These days with my tummy issues I wouldn’t dare eat eggs that had been outside so long, but it was no big deal for us kids.

There’s gotta be a story behind this…

(can you point and show us where the pickle touched you?)

So now you’re Beckdawalrus? You might want to speak with a mod about that. :wink:

Yes, yes there is.:grin:

This thread is bad…


but not bad bad bad, so there is that

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For the Easter Bunny…

“I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together”


I know you know what you know but you should know by now that you’re not me

^ Hey, diddle diddle
The cat and the fiddle
Piggy in the middle – do a poo-poo.

There is an anthology horror film called, “Holidays,” that has an interesting take on the Easter Bunny/Jesus dealie, however, the Hallowe’en segment is by Kevin Smith, so beware.

Years ago, I read a horror short story called, “Death to the Easter Bunny,” which was one of those laugh-and-scream-at-the-same-time stories. At the end, the heroes are waiting for the fat man in the red suit – they’re armed and they’re ready! (chuckle)

Well no.

I never heard of Paas eggs up 'til now; but I grew up with Pace Eggs.

That wiki confused me - I never heard of Pace Egg Plays - but we used to do Pace Egg Rolling

And that wiki confused me, because so much of it was about the US. Do you decorate eggs for rolling? Or is rolling just a White House thing ?


I wonder if you could inject food coloring into raw eggs and get it mixed in well enough that after you boil them, you could make easter egg salad.

At 7:30pm, we were at a stoplight behind a Honda Pilot, and I saw a pair of tall ears bobbing in the back seat of the Honda. I said, “That lady’s got a rabbit in the back seat. You don’t see that every day.” My wife said, “Well, it is Easter.” Then she got excited. “The Easter Bunny! WE SAW THE EASTER BUNNY!”

Why not add a little bit of dye after boiling/peeling/chopping? 4 bowls, each with a different color…

I think we’ve got a marketable idea here!

I probably should have put the word “still” there, as in “still use real eggs.” It’s just that every British person I’ve talked to who mentions Easter eggs seems to be talking about chocolates or other candies, as if using real eggs has fallen out of style.

And I’ve never heard of anyone rolling eggs outside of the White House thing, but it wouldn’t surprise me if some do it. It seems to be an older tradition, coming from the UK version.

Anywhere else, I’ve only encountered Easter egg hunts.