Good Book On Basic Nutrition?

Does anyone here know of a good book that covers basic nutritional needs for humans? I would prefer something that is in accordance with the current scientific literature.


I’m always looking for a good nutrition book that isn’t the latest fad diet.

I have a book at home whose name is escaping me. I want to say it’s from the Mayo Clinic, but I’ve been searching Amazon and not coming up with anything that looks like the book at home.

Anyway, that book talks about why your body needs all the different types of food - i.e. what protein does for you, what carbs do, what various nutrients do for you. There are also a few sections about special needs - aging, pregnancy, weight loss. There are even a few chapters about diseases and how they can affect nutrition and vice versa. Very basic stuff, not trendy weight loss stuff.

I will try to report back with the title.

The other book I’ve got I just finished reading. It’s called Eat, Drink & Be Healthy and it’s written by Walter Willett, who is from the Harvard Medical School. This is more of a healthy eating book, not really nutrition basics. He’s a big proponent of whole grains, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables. This book even has a recipe section.

This would be a better book for trying to eat healthier, whereas the first book I mention is more of a primer on nutrition.

I’m interested in hearing if anyone else has any recommendations…

Okay, here is the first book I was talking about.

Total Nutrition: The Only Guide You’ll Need, which is put out by two doctors at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. I think this book might be more what you are looking for than the second one I mentioned. This is a pretty thick book, and there’s lots of stuff in it. Pretty much the basics, and it’s not really a weight-loss plan, which is what so many “nutrition” books really are.

Yes, that book looks like it’s exactly what I’m looking for.

Thanks, scout1222!