Good bread for flatbread pizza?

Hi, I’m **bup **and I am a lazy cook.

Lately, I’ve discovered that flatbread pizza is really easy to make, except for the ‘you need to make or get a flatbread’ part. The only flatbread I’ve found in grocery stores is Artisan Style Lavash, and it’s nearly $3 for 4 pieces. Are there cheaper, but similar, breads available in mainstream supermarkets?

Or any other suggestions appropriate for a lazy cook?


Trader Joes has a similar product in “regular” and whole wheat. I think they run less than $3 for a package of 6. They also have a couple of pre-made pizzas made with flatbread-like crusts.

Safeway carries California Lavash and Flat Outflatbreads.

Very helpful - thanks.

Flat-out isn’t in any stores near me, and I’ve never seen California Lavash, but there’s a Trader Joe’s on my way home.

Naan bread works well too, I’ve found.

If the only idea is to make something tasty, just make/buy your favorite bread and cut it up the way you like. I’d just grab some rye-included flat bread (or even sliced loaves) and build your own that way. The only way is to make the dough yourself, if you want a good-a-pizza-pie, but just pop around the corner to your Eyetalian bakery and ask Mama for a pound of pizza-pie-a dough for-to-make-a-nice-a-pizza-pie. (Not joking – those places always have some good dough ready or will know where to get it). Otherwise, just make a stiff dough with some fat added, and knead it plenty.

ETA Yes – All flatbreads work well, IME. Go darker, IME – it will hold up to the topping and make it more interesting, but you can’t go wrong.