Good bye bully!

My evil boss (as known from threads hereand here) is being forced to take a demotion! She’s being transferred to another branch to get her away from all the nastiness she’s caused. So yay! However, the branch manager who was on my side through all of this is also leaving. She was offered a better job elsewhere. So my branch is going to be severely lacking any sort of leadership til they get this fixed. It’s going to be a rough month or two.

But she’s gone!


Serenata67, that is awesome.

So does this mean you no longer have the problem with the wedding invitation?

Pretty much, yeah. If she shows up, I have no problem kicking her crashing butt out!

Awesome news!

Ding, Dong…

Way cool! I wish it weren’t so unusual that folk in authority got what they deserved.

A few years back our office staged a revolt and got our boss reassigned. I couldn’t believe it was successful.

Fantastic when the system actually works the way it should every once in a great while, isn’t it!


I am in the process of getting this done in my office. When they found out that the meeting that they set up to scream at me for not breaking the law was going to be recorded digitally and also be attended by human resources, neither of them showed up today.

I’m happy for you of course, but that sucks she will get to spread her shit elsewhere in your company.

I’m afraid that that’s going to require a little explanation.

Ah, just to be on the safe side, it’s probably not a good idea to give a more detailed description of an ongoing HR matter (although I think the brief post you’ve made is fine).

ETA: Serenata, I’m very happy for you!

I shouldn’t say.

Oh wow, I’m sure that has to be a huge relief. Excellent news! Although it would be even more excellent if they had just fired her butt, instead of inflicting her on another branch. Still, at least she’s out of your hair!

Ha! Sometimes things *do *work the way they should!

Yeah, you probably shouldn’t. But I’m really curious!

This is great news! I am glad for you.

I PM’d ya.

An outright firing squad would have been preferable of course, but then again, this could be the start of encouraging her to explore employment opportunities elsewhere.

Any chance her old job is your new job? Or would you still prefer a transfer?

And I forgot to mention in the other thread, congrats on the upcoming nuptials!

Wow, so you’ll have a stress free wedding!