My husband's evil boss UPDATE

An update to this thread:

My husband came home yesterday at 4:45 singing, “Ding dong, the witch is dead!” Yes, his evil boss has permanently left the building. Turns out that she decided to try her evil ways on the wrong people. She got so mad when two of her employees took vacation on the same day (even though she approved it) that she decided to “manage” their employees herself in her own special verbally abusive way. They did not appreciate this, and pulled Evil Boss’s boss, the plant manager, aside to tell him so. The plant manager and HR decided to open up an investigation, which my husband participated in. The investigation started on Monday, and by Friday, she was cleaning out her office and we were going to the Japanese steakhouse to celebrate!

Oh, and HR Lady didn’t get around to submitting the paperwork for my husband’s demotion. She really was awesome in all of this. If it weren’t for her, my husband would not have a job right now.

My husband is really, really happy right now, and so am I. :smiley:

That’s awesome, Tamex. I’m glad it worked out.


Some actual justice in this world! Great news.

Karmic bitch slaps are the best!

Sounds like HR Lady should be taken to a Japanese steakhouse.

YAY! I love it when justice is served! Woo Hoo!!

So… do they have an opening for an Evil Boss there?

I’m guessing the workplace justice occurred without benefit of a union? Hmm, now there’s a concept!

Good for you and your hubbie – I have a feeling that, freed from the tyranny of a turkey, he’ll soar with the eagles now. All the best to you both.



I hope his new boss is as awesome as Evil Boss was evil. I have an awesome boss and it makes my work life soooooo much easier.

“Meet the new boss…same as the old boss…”

Buy roses for the HR lady!

How about flowers for the HR lady and a note saying your husband appreciates her doing her job like the consummate professional she is.

Glad to hear it all worked out! :slight_smile:

She sounded pretty bad, but apparently she was relatively competent.

I do believe my stepmother will take the prize for worst boss of all time. In the three years since she’s been in control of the company, they’ve lost 75% of their revenues… to ex-employees.

Oh, I so would like to hear more. And yes, if it’s acceptable, a box of chocolates to HR lady.

This story has renewed my faith in humanity. It should be on the CNN news ticker, fercryin’outloud. I’m so sick of layoffs and that kind of talk. Hearing a story of some Evil Boss getting their walking papers is just the kind of sunshine we all need in these dark, dark times.
YAY for everyone!

Schadenfreude - you’re doing it quite well, actually.

Congratulations to your husband for still having his job, and with a better boss too!

I’m sorry. When I read this, I has an image of Evil Boss being taken to the steakhouse and ‘accidentally’ being cut up for sushi…

Ick. What a thing to impose on poor innocent sushi-buyers.

excellent!! i hope he will be happier at work now.

and hooray for hr!