Good deed of the day...

A weird thing happened to me today.

I had just finished my grocery shopping and stopped by the liquor and smoke shop to get a jar of spirits to enjoy with Monday Night Football.

I pulled up front of said shop and saw a 30 year old or so guy mounting his bicycle.
As he hiked up his britches he dropped several bills out of his pocket. I gave a toot on the horn rolled my window down. He looked at me like I was crazy and I shouted “Hey, you dropped some money on the ground” and I pointed as the wind was about to carry the bills off.
He got off his bike and quickly retrieved the escaping greenbacks and shoved them back in his pocket and mounted up once again.
I was out of my car by then and he rode right past me but he didn’t say anything or even acknowledge my assistance.

I thought of hollering out “You’re welcome” or something as he rode off but instead I just kind of chuckled to myself and said
“Well David, that was your good deed for the day, plus one in the karma bank.”

Mundane and pointless I admit, just wanted to share that.

What was your good deed today?