I did a good deed yesterday

Ok to preface this, I’m still out of work and barely getting by on Unemployment.

So I’m leaving my bank where I just cashed an unemployemt check and I’ve known the manager and head tellers for years and years. As soon as I get outside, I look down and see a twenty dollar bill. Then I notice three more tweny dollar bills for a total of eighty dollars lying there. I picked up the money and brought it to the bank manager telling her I just found this outside. She takes the money and says if the person who lost it doesn’t claim it within 30 days the money will be mine. I say I’m more concered that the person who lost the money would be severly hurt without it. I get home tell my father the story and he says I did the right thing but one of the employees will most likley have a friend of theirs claim it. When I tell my mother what I did, she basicly tells me I was stupid to do that and I should have kept the money.

About a half hour after this I get a call on my cell from my mother. The bank called and said the person who lost the money came back, they gave him the money and in gratitude the person who lost the money left me ten dollars.

I know I did the right thing but it would be nice to hear that from others, so please stroke my ego.

Absolutely the right thing.

  1. The money was NOT yours.
  2. If the person who dropped it was short of money, then they probably needed it more than you.
  3. I still don’t know Opal.
  4. Good on you.
  5. I wish there were more people like you and
  6. Less people who might get one of the friends to claim the cash.


I’ve lost $140 in cash before (it was in my wallet, I’m a waitress, it was my rent money) and had it returned, so on the other side of the fence, thanks.

The other day this guy hands me my tip and thanks me, and leaves. I try not to count the tip in FRONT of the customers, as that seems to lack a certain class. But when I did, I saw he had given me two ones and a ten. Now, I’m a good waitress, but the bill only came to $20 or something. I chased him outside and returned it, and got to feel like I was Mother Teresa or something for the rest of the day. Yea us and our moral high ground!

Manny, you did the right thing- never let anyone tell you that the right thing is stupid or that you’re a chump for doing it. Great job. I’m proud of you for it.
(Plus I seriously doubt the claim that the bank people would have a friend claim it. Never assume that people don’t have integrity- lots of folks do)


Your good karma meter just went up 80 points.

Good on ya.