Good double bills

Explanatory thread title. I would like to see:

Sullivan’s Travels followed by O Brother Where Art Thou?

To Kill a Mockingbird followed by The Fortune Cookie --just as a study in contrast

If I hadn’t already seen the former, Love STory followed by What’s Up, Doc?

or how about by years?

1971- Kurt Russel in **The Barefoot Exectituve ** and Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange
1963 - Fellini’s 8 1/2 and Funicello in Beach Party

Into the Night with Jeff Goldblum and Michelle Pfeiffer

After Hours with Griffin Dunn

Casablanca and Play It Again, Sam

Satan Met a Lady and The Maltese Falcon (same story, but very different approaches).

How about a septuple feature of movies based on books by Donald E. Westlake:

Jimmy the Kid
The Hot Rock
Bank Shot
What’s the Worst That Could Happen?
Point Blank
Why Me?
Slay Ground

The Incredible Two Headed Transplant and The Thing With Two Heads.
Perfect match.

Huh. A double-double-header.

Damn…I miss all the good jokes.


I actually have both on a Midnight Movies DVD.

When I was a kid, a revival house near me showed “War of the Worlds” and “When Worlds Collide.” For a young geeklet (both of SF and of movies/special effects) it was the perfect combo.

Terminator and Terminator 2.

Are we going just by title?

Born on the Fourth of July and Independence Day

Starman and Earth Girls Are Easy

Supernatural detective/noir movies: *Angel Heart * and Constantine. (I’ve never seen Lord of Illusions, but I hear it might fit with those two as well.)

“Everything you know may be false” noirish sci-fi: Dark City, The Matrix, and The 13th Floor.

Hunter S. Thompson movies: Where the Buffalo Roam (with Bill Murray) and Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas (with Johnny Depp).

John Cusack festival: Say Anything, Grosse Pointe Blank, High Fidelity. (These are even better if you can make up a chain of events connecting the three movies into a shared continuity and proving Cusack is playing the same person at different points in his life, regardless of the characters’ different names.)

Action heroes with mullets: They Live (with Roddy Piper), *Hard Target * (with Jean-Claude Van Damme).

Any connection at all. Or none.

Purple Noon and The Talented Mr. Ripley --two takes on a Patricia Highsmith novel. If you want a triple add the Ripley movie starring John Malkovich, who was the creepiest Ripley ever.

Tron and The Matrix : Computers trying to take over the world and humans trying to take it back (alternately: Tron, Terminator, Matrix, and then Dune to get the full story arc of the war between humans and machines :smiley: )

Also: Johny Mnemonic and The Matrix: Keanu Reeves gets stuff plugged into his head.

I dont know if its a good double bill or not, but back in about’71 a theater around here had a MASH and Patton twin bill.

Forgot a classic double Bill:

Jaws and Bambi

Another great triple-bill: Yojimbo, A Fistful of Dollars, and Last Man Standing.

In my youth I saw at the drive-in the double bill of:

Cool Hand Luke and
Easy Rider

we went to see Easy Rider but preferred the support we had never heard of.

How about some question-and-answer movies?

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? - Jaws
Who’s Harry Crumb? - The Next Karate Kid
Who Framed Roger Rabbit? - Milo And Otis
Isn’t She Great - She’s All That

Play along!