Good Eats: Reloaded

Did anyone else watch this last night? I thought it was pretty good. The premise is that Alton Brown takes old episodes of Good Eats and updates the information in them. Last night he redid (reloaded) the first episode. It was about steak.

I’d heard this summer that it was coming back, but I didn’t know it was already here. I will check it out as soon as I get home!

I own all of the original series via iTunes, it will be interesting to compare the new ones with their original run counterpart.

I was surprised and impressed that he pulled no punches about things that were just wrong.

I’m hoping that they have eliminated or at least toned down the “dramatic” scenes, y’know, the contrived scenarios that attempted to give the episodes some semblance of a plot. I really never cared at all about Alton Brown’s fake relatives and neighbors and their fake food “problems.” The actual informative characters, like “W” and the nutritional anthropologist, while also not my favorite part of the show, are tolerable because they’re there for an actual educational purpose.

The best episodes, IMO, are the ones where Alton Brown is just dropping some science on us straight up. He’s charismatic and fun enough on his own, and it’s still fun with all of the little puppets and other visual aids.

To clarify - “Good Eats: Reloaded” is just a reshowing of old Good Eats episodes, with some added captions & a few break-ins. Some of it to clarify or correct some of what he originally filmed, some of it anecdotes about the original filming - like the fact that the male “FDA Agent” was actually the Key Grip. But 90-95% of it is just the 19 year old episode.

The brand new episodes don’t air until next year.

The new series will be called Return of the Eats. It already has an IMDB entry.

You must have watched a different show than I did because the new stuff took up way more than 5-10% of the show. He did a segment about dry aging the steak in the fridge, another about curing a cast iron pan, and another about food thermometers plus a few others. I’d say it was closer to a 50-50 split.

Huh, that must have all been at the back end. I watched the first 15-20 minutes then switched back to football. The only actual interruptions I saw were the aspect ratio digression and the FDA agent actors.

It was good fun. Love Alton.

I just watched the whole episode, and you’re completely correct. Of the 20 minute show, there was over 13 minutes of new material. I noticed they’ve recreated the entire Good Eats set as well, presumably to be used for the new episodes coming next year.

Okay, watched it, it was good. Definitely was not just “Pop-Up Video Good Eats,” it felt new, even with the amount of original footage. He popped back in frequently enough that it never felt like I was just watching the original episode again.

His 3 books already do a lot of the revisionist stuff- several of the recipes have footnotes that mentioned that the recipe as broadcast was hard to follow, or didn’t have such good results, or whatever, and that they reworked it for the book.

Brown clearly has no trouble with revising/admitting when things aren’t quite optimal, and I think it’s great!

There’s also a LOT of behind-the-scenes stuff in the books- lore, funny commentary (for example, the “Lever Man” costume got used like 3-4 times for different concepts starting with “L”.) While I like it in book form, I’m not so sure I care to see it in the episodes, if it comes at the expense of actual improved technique or science.

I didn’t know there was a drinking game. NOW I do.

I also need to go cook a steak the new Alton way.

I hope he redoes the one where he makes corn dogs. His recipe had whole kernel corn in the batter. :stuck_out_tongue:

I thoroughly enjoyed it and was surprised that GE aired up until 2012. I was really out of it for a few years and didn’t watch. Plus it was in the gray area for me between when I had a DVR and now where most networks have most shows up within 12-24 hours on their legit sites. A lot of stuff just got missed in that time period. Just a few years, but it’s like a black hole if it wasn’t on Hulu when Hulu was free and good.

Perhaps he hears the wolf at the door. J. Kenji Lopez-Alt does some very rigorous science on food prep and his cookbook won the James Beard award. I like Alton Brown, but Kenji is really upping the game.

I used to watch Good Eats faithfully back in the day and stopped following Alton Brown when he branched out to other food channel shows. I just happened to see a tiny notification in EW magazine that the rebooted show was on that very evening. I called my husband down to watch and we thought it was really fun…(We used to watch ‘Better Call Saul’ every Monday night at 9 p.m. and were really missing it. Imagine my surprise when there was another show before or after the Good Eats Reloaded - Food Facts and Fallacies? - also entertaining, and the host was none other than Michael McKean! Who played brother Chuck on ‘Better Call Saul’!) :eek:

Oh, there’s no comparison in my book. Kenji is far more thorough and accurate, in my opinion. Alton is very entertaining and accessible, and has done a lot to raise the average cooking IQ of America.

Alton has been in at least a couple of videos with Kenji on Serious Eats. Ed Levine, to, IIRC.