Good for you Torchwood.

I have to say watching TW last night I was rather impressed with the producers of this show. Not only making one of the main characters gay but to also have him doing full on naked sex scenes, is a ballsy (pardon the pun) move.

Also, while I didn’t much care for the sex scenes (it still makes me wince. can’t help it.) The exchange of dialog between him and his love interest; didn’t make me wince at all. That’s either really good writing/acting/direction or I’m getting a thicker skin.

In any case, I think the producers of TW deserve a big Kudos!

That’s hardly new in Torchwood.

I assume you’re referring to Jack (we don’t get the latest episode until next week), but Jack isn’t gay - he’s “omnisexual” and has been ever since his character was introduced in - 2005?

I don’t. From what I know of him from Doctor Who and Torchwood, I think of RTD as a gay Michael Bay: a man who makes shows about things he likes, even if the result isn’t very good. I admit, I’d be doing the same thing given the opportunity, but I don’t see it as anything particularly praiseworthy.

Thanks for that. I’m new to the show so I’m not familiar with all the details.

Really? Even after investing loads of cash knowing it could quite possibly go down the drain due to a lot of people’s bigotry or homophobic tendencies?

If I were an investor in this series, I don’t know if I would be brave enough to take that risk. I’d probably take the safe route.

I think the quote is ‘tri-sexual’ - meaning he’ll try anything.

Funny. I see this more as a moderately cynical means of getting extra attention, no different than Seven of Nine in a catsuit. The target audience for a new Torchwood is much more likely to consist of those with good gay friends or who are gay themselves than the homophobic.

In any case he is more exclusively gay in the new version and less bi tri or omni.

He certainly hasn’t gone anywhere near women or aliens in a long while, but i guess when you are immortal you might go through phases.

New with Miracle Day? It doesn’t seem very *Torchwood *to me. More like a US conspiracy drama than aliens and sci-fi which happens to share two of the characters (Jack and Gwen). I guess they had the contact lenses, but that’s about it in terms of alien tech.

And why, oh why, don’t they ever just call The Doctor? The whole situation would be fixed in 45 minutes. They’ve called him before, when the Daleks invaded, but Children of Earth and Miracle Day just isn’t important enough?

And why doesn’t the CIA know about Torchwood when everyone from the most junior UK politician, UNIT, and up know all about them?

Obviously nobody at the CIA ever tried any serious infiltration tactics like asking around the pizza joints to see if any covert agencies had been ordering in, or Googling the names stencilled onto mysterious black SUVs, or asking the British government “So what was up with all those Daleks and Cybermen appearing on top of Canary Wharf all of a sudden?”

In other words, business as usual at the CIA.

“The Iranian people LOVE the Shah.”

Or, like, all over the world!

They should stop the iretwnce if the shared universe. Except Jack mentioned The Doctor this week (so call him, idiot!) and he’ll no doubt show up again the the 50th anniversary episode along with Tennant and - I bet here and now that despite his claims to the contrary they’ll persuade him - Ecclestone.

If by “they” you mean Jack, I don’t think he has a way to directly contact him. Unless you mean, the way Harriet Jones broadcast a request for help to the Doctor during “The Christmas Invasion,” then you may have a point. Although there may still be a lot of people that don’t see the miracle as a problem, and if he’s off traveling he may not be aware of it. (And maybe after Children of Earth, the English Prime Minister, if he’s still in office, is reluctant to get involved?)

I used to think it was contrived how the Doctor only seems to show up when/where he’s needed, always by accident or coincidence. But based on some comments about the Tardis being sentient, and the recent Doctor Who episode “The Doctor’s Wife,” there seems to be more to it. The Tardis has enough knowledge of all time & space to know exactly where/when the Doctor is needed. So, for example, when the 10th Doctor and Rose tried to see an Elvis concert in the 1950s, the Tardis instead took them to the Queen’s coronation (around the same time period) because he was needed there to defeat “the wire.”

So it can be assumed that the Doctor hasn’t turned up yet to take care of things because “fate” already determined that Torchwood is going to resolve it themselves. I think that’s the only explanation for why he didn’t previously show up when, for example, the rift opened in Torchwood season 1, or all the goings-on in “Children of Earth.” In fact, I think there is a bit in CoE where Gwen wonders why the Doctor doesn’t just appear and help them.

So the TARDIS is Ziggy?