Good Humor Trucks

I was showing my daughter some pictures of the old Good Humor ice cream trucks, because she doesn’t remember ever seeing one in real life. That brought up a question I’ve had since I was a kid. There were two doors to the freezer section - one on the side, and one in the back. Yet, no matter what kind of ice cream I wanted - the guy always was able to reach in and grab what I wanted without looking where his hand was going. How did they manage to do that?

One other question - I don’t ever remember a woman operating the truck. Does anyone remember any women drivers?

Here is a good picture that shows the side and rear freezer doors.

They were able to reach in and grab your Bomb Pop or whatever with the same sort of learned muscle memory that’s used in typing. The most popular selections would be front and center, so to speak, making them even easier to grab without looking.

Keep in mind that back then, they only had maybe a dozen different choices, unlike the independent ice cream trucks I see around here that are covered in so many pictures of different popsicles and ice cream bars that you can’t tell what color the truck is.

And no, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman driving a Good Humor truck.