Good Morning America story: Rejected form

Someone told me that this morning Good Morning America ran a story about a guy who was rejected by because the site said he was unmatchable.

Did any one catch this?
Are those the correct details of the story?
Anyone have a link?

Thanks in advance!

According to an article in WSJ, a number of dating sites ( being the biggest/best known) have or have recently integrated a system to weed out unmatchables.

They didn’t go too deep into what they filter out, but here are some they revealed.

People who (based on a questionaire) give answers that would be indicitive of them suffering from “low energy,” a sign of depression (because depressed people should be dating).

Liars. Self-explanatory. Example questions given in the article were “I always drive the speed limit” and “I never get angry.”

They’re probably liars; who doesn’t speed sometimes? People would have warrents out for them in 15 states, that’s who.

Never get angry? Never get angry? Which is more frightening, the possibility that ‘they’ believe it, or that ‘they’ think some-one else will believe it?

I got chills just reading the post; maybe the screeners know what they are doing. Or maybe not, but either way I would not date some-one who claimed never to speed.

I always drive the speed limit. And I never get angry…

Anyone wanna get together sometime? :smiley:

But if you are on the highway in front of me during my morning commute, even I will probably cut you off.

And I never cut other drivers off.
Or get angry when I get cut off.