Good movies that you never want to see again...

You all have at least one- a quality movie that it was good for you to watch but that you never want to see it again because it got to you too much. What’re yours?

Three of mine-
the TV miniseries SYBIL (soon out on DVD, and a TV remake is being planned.
I’m curious enough that I’ll probably watch the remake, but I will avoid the DVD,
thank you.)

SCHINDLER’S LIST- I may actually watch this again sometime but it’ll be a while. Whew!

BOYS DON’T CRY- Not the sort of movie I’d have watched on my own but a friend wanted to see it. Another- Whew!

I’ll second Schindler’s List.

I’ll add Grave of the Fireflies, which I’ll never never watch again… ever!!

Dogville, but I probably will rewatch it some day. I spent the first eight chapters certain that I’d finish the movie and then never ever watch it again or think about it as long as I lived.

Then came the final chapter. Whoah.

Saving Private Ryan. I was VERY effected by the first 20 minutes, and I don’t want to become jaded to the horror it presented.

Robocop and Fight Club—very good movies, but both too brutal and sadistic for me to put myself through again.

Irreversible and Requiem for a Dream are the two films I always mention when someone brings up this topic.

The Road to Perdition. Very well done, imo, but much too bleak to want to watch again.

I liked A.I. when I went and seen it at the movie theater.

When it came out on DVD, I bought it and for some reason I just can’t bring myself to sit through the whole thing again. I still think it’s a good movie because it makes you think but damn if it aint as slow as all get out.

Second for Requiem for a Dream and add Dancer in the Dark.

Oooooh…both of those have that effect on me, but I watch them when they’re on anyway. Just devastating…both of 'em.

A Clockwork Orange. Don’t know if I would call it a good movie, but it is certainly an important one (esp for me, as I am a psychologist and it used to get referenced all the time). I am glad I saw it, but nothing could make me see it again.

Pink Flamingos. I promised myself third time’s the charm, now I’m through with that mess.

Yeah, that’s a good choice. I respect what was done, but God I wouldn’t want to sit through it again.

In retrospect, I’m not sure if the Exorcist was a good movie or not. In any case, I don’t want to see it again, even though it really had an impact on me at the time.

Happiness. I remember reading about it on here before I saw it and thinking, “Aw, come on, it can’t be that harsh.” It’s worse.

*Dogville *is certainly too painful to watch again, but I hated every minute of it the first time. I can appreciate the artistry involved, but I couldn’t get past the misogynistic asshole directing it. I really must avoid his movies in the future. Every single one pisses me off and offers nothing redeeming in return.

Ditto for Requiem for a Dream, the ultimate feelbad-movie.

How did you get “misogynistic asshole” out of Dogville?

I thought it was funny. lol.

I wouldn’t watch Hotel Rwanda again. It took me too long to get it out of my head the first time.

We were given the DVD of Million Dollar Baby as a gift. We had never seen it before. One night, we put it on and watched it all the way through. After it ended, my wife said, “that was a good movie.” I agreed, and said so, though I added, “it’s too bad we own it, because I’ll probably never want to see it again.”

Oh my god. I loved this movie and don’t think I could survive another viewing. But I know I’ll try. “HONEY! GET ME MY CYANIDE TABLETS! MDB IS ON!”

Shadowlands. I loved it, thought it was beautiful, and never want to see it again.

I’ll agree with A clowork orange and add Se7en.

I’ve heard people say this a lot about Grave of the fireflies, but it’s one of my favorites. Already saw it five times.