Good news / Bad news

The good news: Our water heater is the most efficient one that money can buy.

The bad news: We had to buy it this morning after the old one crapped out in the middle of the night. Years of camping had prepared me for the sponge bath I took before leaving for work. (being realistic, I suppose 25yrs is more than one should expect from a water heater, and the old one was on the bottom of the efficiency scale, and at least it didn’t break over the weekend resulting in even higher plumber’s rates)
The good news: The nice man at the Firestone shop discovered the nail in sidewall of the rear passenger side tire before it went flat on us.

The bad news: We were in there to fix the nail in the rear *driver’s * side tire. Now we have four new tires. He also found out the seal on the differential is leaking badly.
The good news: We’re scheduled to close on the sale of our old house this Thursday.

The bad news: With my recent track record of Solfy vs. The Universe, I’m afraid to find out.

/chuckles not unkindly. I had a phone call to my mother that went like this a few months ago:

Me: You know how I said I wanted to take my car to the dealership and not end up paying for maintainance stuff I didn’t know was wrong with it, just once?

Her: Yes, . . .

Me: I got my wish. Unfortunately, Today’s trip to the car dealer was free, because on Wednesday when they replaced a gasket, they failed to reattach all the wires correctly, and I had issues with my car not staying started all the way home.

(Note: I got the oil changed on Wed., left town Thurs., came back Fri. and returned the car to the dealer on Sat.)

Mom was appropriately horrified.

I hope you have no more good news/bad news crises for a while.

I had one of these when our furnace stopped working one cold April night.

Furnace repair man: Well, the good news is that the reason your furnace stopped working was because a bird built a nest in the flue, causing the furnace to trip and shut down. I cleaned it out and the furnace will now stay on.

Me: Great!

FRM: The bad news is that I found a crack in your heat exchange that is leaking carbon monoxide and will kill you if you don’t get it replaced.

Me: Crap.

FRM: And when I was looking at your furnace, I noticed that your water heater is leaking. It looks like it’s rusting through on the bottom and needs to be replaced.

Me: Shit.

FRM: Oh, yeah. When I was cleaning out the exhaust, I noticed that there is a hole in your roof. Some animal probably climbed in there and is hiding out in your attic.

Me: Fuck.

Boy, I loved that house.

I think it’s in poor form to tell a good news/bad news story without giving the listeners the choice of which they want to hear first. :wink: