Good News/Bad News

Have you ever had one of those days? One of those AFV “Good News/Bad News” days? Well, here’s a thread to share it with us! I’ll start:

Good news: I finally found the second set of keys to my car–the one with the WORKING key fob, that I’d been looking for for weeks.

Bad news: I found them in the floorboard of my car right after this happened.
(Best news–we all walked away from it with only minor injuries!)

Did you remember to lock the doors when you left?
Seriously…that sucks. I’m glad everyone is basically OK.

This begs the questions. Were you searching for something down there when this accident happened?

Glad to everybody is okay. Mine is nowhere near as dramatic as yours, but:

Good news: I had a chicken stew ready for me in the slow cooker when I got home this evening.
Bad news: As soon as I finished it, I had to turn right back around and go back to work.

No, glad to say! The airbag knocked my glasses off and I went back to the car to look for them. I didn’t see them, but lying there in the floor were my keys. I wondered if I had been so dazed that I removed the keys and dropped them, so I reached over to the ignition and the keys were still in it.

Someone found my glasses, as I was almost panicked because I couldn’t see. They weren’t even scratched!

The good news - the weather has finally broken, and I went for a long walk in the beautiful sunny afternoon.

The bad news - the warm sunny weather is melting all the snow, and I basically waded for three hours (I hate wet feet)… :smiley:

The good news: I’ve lost 30 lbs, and feel great.
The bad news: I had to have a double bypass to get me to eat right and exercise consistently.

Good news: the camera store just down the road can send away my damaged camera to the manufacturer for repair.

Bad news: there’s a $150 non-refundable service examination fee…

Worse news: apparently it’s not unknown for the final quote for a $500 camera to run to over $700!

Wait? What?! :eek: