Good news for once, eh?

See now, all of you. This is the story of a board experience.

Lately, ol’ Gussie (the server) has been pretty slow. I’m using a 1 mb cable connection, and in KC, which means I’m a short Ma Bell hop to Chicago, where Gussie resides.

Seemingly ignoring this, when I click on a link, even during an off-peak time, the server goes “Urrrrhhhmmmmgggg…” (imagine a slow, drawn out grunt-groan amalgamation) and about 3 seconds later, responds, and the page loads instantly from that point. But always a 2 or 3 second wait before-hand.

I’ve noticed, however, that from the time of Boarg* self-repair (every single morning from 3:30 until approximately 3:35, depending on the amount of activity the previous day) until the beginning of peak time, response is much quicker, nearly instantaneous.

My take on this is that during the down time, vB does some sort of archiving/defragmenting to allow itself quicker access to threads and such.

The moral of the story is; if you want quick boards, use 'em from 3:40 am until 8.

Otherwise, don’t come cryin’ to me.


  • combination of board and Borg. But you’re smart, so you already knew that.

I gotta a DSL in Delaware (its a state damnit!!) and I’ve seen the same delays you have. I tend to hit SDMB late at night/early in the morn so the worst thing I’ve seen is the actual “Piss off, We’re working!!” page. At which times I usually go to Philadelphia for a little oriental “relaxation”.

After that I really couldn’t care. :wink:

Oh, geez, Homer’s got a 3-second wait till the page loads! You poor child! Here, let me help you fill out these forms for Federal Disaster Relief! And counseling, get this poor victim some counseling, quick!

You oughta try living with a 14400 modem, sweetie. Then you’d learn the true meaning of Patience. Chug chug chug, around and around goes the little hourglass. Chug chug chug. I go down to the basement and put clothes in the dryer while I wait for a page to load. Chug chug chug. I go out to the kitchen and wash a load of dishes. Peer into the dining room. Page up yet? Nope, still says, “Thank you for posting, Duck Duck Goose!”

Here in Downstate Illinois, I’ve also got what I call the “Top of the Hour” effect in the mornings. At 9:03, 10:03, and 11:03 a.m., the boards give a tremendous groan and slow down to a crawl. Then by 9:30, 10:30, and 11:30 they speed back up again, but slower and slower (yeah, I know, they speed up slowly? yes.)

Lunch hour, between 12 and 1:30 is bad. Then between 2 and 4 p.m., Central Time, it’s practically useless to try to get into GQ. I have to pick which threads I want to see very carefully, 'cause it’ll take forever to open them.

Friday afternoons between 3 and 5 are the absolute worst. Evidently everybody cleans off their desks at 2:30 and spends the afternoon at the SDMB. I mean, why work, when you can post?

So yeah, Homer’s right, the best time for posting is probably in the wee hours, Central time. However, my family already thinks I spend too much time doing this–I think tiptoeing downstairs at 3 a.m. would push it over the borderline from “hobby” into “obsession” and I might end up having to talk to men in white coats…

P.S. And back when we had Juno Free Internet, it was even worse… :eek: Now that we’re paying for Juno Gold, it’s marginally better, but not much, like being the tallest of the Seven Dwarves.

Hey, why do you think I post in the AMs? Right now, it’s 2:33 AM, and I expect to be up for at least another hour.

God, I love having all my classes scheduled for later in the day…

DSL in the sticks of Arkansas. 2 seconds to load the reply page, big threads take about 4-7 seconds to load. About average for most of the time. There are exceptions. :frowning:

If I ever have to go back to a modem, I’ll prolly have the cell next to DDG. Waaaaaaaaaaa

:::: flee ::::::: Life is SO rough for me…

Of course you could always move to England - your wee small hours are our prime posting time :slight_smile: