Good news- mostly

So I’m not sure who, if anyone, remembers me, and I understand that as someone who pops onto the Dope periodically every few months I’ve missed some crazy shite in the last few days. Anyway, I had a couple of threads a while back about things like overwhelming depression and godawful nightmares. I’d mentioned having an awful, abusive childhood and got into a few arguments about meds.

Between then and now a lot has leveled off, and I figured anyone who gives a crap deserves to know that I’ve been doing quite well considering the circumstances. I’m optimistic and largely stable, and very slowly regrowing my nuked social life. I’m able to function much of the time and the rest of the time I’m not any danger to myself. All this is happening sans-meds, which is still pretty important to me.

I cannot stress this enough, I’m seriously doing great. I’m feeling alright, getting closer to paramedic school, surviving financially (albeit barely) and haven’t invited any Elder Gods into this dimension to feast upon all our tasty mind-candy.

I’ve been diagnosed as having PTSD and, of all things, SAD. I’m on a waiting list for an intensive group therapy treatment with a lot of “homework”. Until then, I’m to check in periodically with the nurse who first assessed where in the psych system to send me, and my regular physician has stepped out from behind a wall of med students to keep a close eye on things.

My best friend of 8 years and I parted ways in May. While I still frequently feel lost and shit, to be completely honest she had always been inconsiderate and ignorant enough that I was glad to see her go. After that, I got over my fear of submitting to a publisher, and now have a couple of sci-fi short stories waiting for a verdict. I don’t imagine myself ever quitting my day job, but I’m happy about it.

So, yeah. I don’t think anything else is new. Thanks everyone who was kind to me in the previous threads, and here’s hoping things stay this good.

Glad to hear it. :slight_smile:

Very glad to hear it! Very glad you sought help; that must be so hard, as so many people won’t do it for themselves, much less anybody else. And as one who is wary of drugs, too, I am glad you are finding a way around that. Also glad you are sharing good news; seems a bad news day everywhere else!

Woohoo! If posting here helps, post away! I’ll read!


That’s excellent news!

Yay FOR you!!! This is wonderful news, and I am very happy for this outcome. :smiley:

Keep doing your homework :slight_smile:

Wishing you continued success.

I give a crap, Imago.

I’ve had tough times with depression, SAD, & panic attacks.

Post here if you need to (but not in the BBQ Pit).

Having spent the last four years with someone with PTSD (which has not ended well for us) I can only say to you I hope fervently for your continued success and never give up!

Life is hard but you only get one and it’s worth living well. Everyone deserves a good life. As I ponder the problems my situation has brought me to read of your hope brings a smile to my face and a little calm to my evening.

Thank you for sharing!

Thank you, guys. I’m glad to have put a bright spot on anyone’s day.