Good News Thread

After watching the unfolding debacle with the US elections, hearing about mass killings, wildfires in California, a deadly rampage in my own home city, I needed something to lift my depression.

AND I FOUND IT!! A few weeks ago, a conjoined set of twins arrived in Melbourne from Bhutan. They needed fattening up a bit before the docs would attempt the operation to separate them, but WOOOOOO, they did the surgery this morning and the kiddies are doing just fine in recovery. Fucking BRILLIANT. Go you giants at the Royal Children’s Hospital, you are just da bomb.

Nima and Dawa

The ozone layer is recovering, showing that it’s possible to undo some environmental damage if all countries work together on time scales larger than an election cycle.

Doxie took off from the normal Jeep Ride and Dig Party tonight, and ran about a mile.

This was a dog that was completely crippled from the middle of the back down not long ago.

Good news to me.

That is good news, Gatopescado. :slight_smile:

I like this thread. I’ll share good news as I find it, kambuckta. :slight_smile:

Personal news: the lil’wrekkers grades will be great. Or so I’m told.

Bigger story: modern gun deer season opened Saturday and no one I know got shot or shot anyone. Woot-woot!

Even better: I got to eat chocolate today. Yay!

Fewer people around the world today live in extreme poverty – about 10% now compared to 36% in 1990.

Motorist hits squirrel, revives it with CPR (video).

Worldwide deaths from malaria are declining rapidly.

Relay racer finishes her lap on a broken leg. Dayum,woman.

Smart little guy delays leaving the park by hugging everyone goodbye.

Burger King employee escorts customer with a bad back to his car.

I got a Free Jeep on Saturday! :smiley:

I’ve been looking for steady, long-term work for a couple of years now. I’ve been working remotely for a company this past year, but it’s been contract. They just had a freakin’ huge deal go through, though, and I was told that if it did they were planning on hiring me on as a regular employee- and possibly letting me continue to work from home.

It’s interesting timing for me, though, because I’m flying out to Edmonton for an interview this Friday, and it’s looking really positive. The project they’d have me on is right up my alley.

It’s going to be a nerve-wracking week for me, but in a good way. It’s definitely a “bird-in-the-hand” kind of thing.

Wow! That must have been a really big box of Cracker Jack®! :smiley:

Aside: is there a way to do superscript?

Super[sup]script[/sup] = [sup]
My job (Injury claim adjuster) was set to evaporate on November 30. Heard through the grapevine a local plaintiff firm was looking for adjusters to manage injury cases. Snagged a position. It’s great. The Missus (also an adjuster) has spent the last 2 years in hell (stupid heavy work load, impossible standards aimed at preventing anyone from getting a raise ever; and as a manager, in the position of selling this shit sandwich to her people even as she chokes down her own). She’d had enough a couple weeks ago…she starts here Wednesday. Time to fuck up some insurance companies. :smiley:

All-right-y! Y’all deserve a great big box of Cracker Jack[sup]®[/sup], preferably with a Jeep in it! :slight_smile:

We found a house we really liked and our offer was accepted today! That’s good news, it will be great news when we have the actual purchase contract in hand tomorrow…

Lady Gaga brings pizza to those working in an evacuation center.

I’m off for 7 out of the next 11 days!! :slight_smile:

A kidnap attempt is thwarted by the girl because the kidnapper did not know the code word.