Did you hear the good news/Have you got any good news?

This thread is for posting good news. Please, no politics or crap intending to piss off others-Just sincere good news that you want to share, be it a news story you read or heard, or something closer to home that happened to you and/or yours.

I’ll start off with the incredible news that missing soccer team in Thailand has been found alive. All 13 are alive(12 boys and their coach) having been stuck in a cave for nine days straight. Here’s to their rescuers who never gave up.

Oh, and on the personal good news front: A casual acquaintance of mine stopped by on Friday after making a beer run. Apparently his eyes were bigger than his fridge space and he wanted to know if I would like some free beer…and then he handed me twelve pints of Rogue Dead Guy ale. That there is good drinkin’.

I try to do this every day on Facebook, titled “Political Antidotes.”

I have a fox rescued from an iceberg, a three year old girl who gets to be the flower girl at the donor’s wedding, and a good Samaritan who bought $1 million worth of toys as Toys R Us closed.

I GOT A JOB. Been out of work since mid-September, so this was … definitely a source of gratitude. It’s week 2 now and I have a badge & haven’t screwed anything up yet, so I guess they’ll keep me. (The last contract lasted all of a day, then was un-funded.) This is a contract gig but should last until the beginning of October, so I have a little breathing room to look for a new and hopefully even better job.

Main downside is the commute - at least an hour each way, on LBJ the whole trip for those of y’all familiar with DFW. Which is nobody’s idea of fun, but, hey, they’re PAYING ME PEOPLE.

I second the story from Thailand. I’ve been following it for about a week, because the BBC was covering it.

Now, they’re trying to figure out how to get those boys and their coach out.

Today is my Mother’s 88th birthday, and she’s still alive. Crazy as she can be, but alive and runnin’ around as much as possible. Okay.

I had my teeth cleaned and got a good report. Teeth in good order, gums healthy. Yay!

First world problems I know, but…

On vacation last month our RV shredded a rear tire on the highway. Since the last axle is about 40 feet behind me, I didn’t feel or hear anything and only noticed the bits of rubber flying around in the mirror. By the time I got stopped the flailing tire had done considerable damage to the fender and surrounding sheet metal.

Calling around various RV repair shops taught me that RV repair is a very organized ripoff. A $300-$400 charge *just for the estimate *was typical. And after that it would be two months in their lot just to get to it. Exchanging email pics, I got ballpark guesses in the thousands of dollars and was told it definitely would take an insurance claim (which they had staff to take care of, natch).

I refused to believe this bent sheet metal problem required such an expensive response and began calling around smaller shops, especially those dedicated to auto restoration. So the good news. I got it fixed yesterday, good as new. For 250 bucks. :wink:

Both our resident canines have completed their run of meds for kennel cough (bordetella) and cleared quarantine. A while ago they were making that loud honking cough whenever they got excited, but they’re all better now!

Lotsa good work related news in Casa Jackson of late:

  • I accepted a position in another division of my company, it is a step up. Different enough to be new, similar enough to be comfortable.
  • Wifey got a new job. It’s in her same field, but a specialty that she has been wanting to get into for quite some time.

A couple of day ago social security finally snail-mailed the documents I’ve been waiting a couple of months for. these will allow my pension payments to finally begin, Yay! They said it had to be snail mail as Email was not allowed. That’ good news as I’m a little poor right now. Let’s see how long the next step takes…Sometime after the 4th of July naturally…

The good news I got today is that the surgery to remove a melanoma on my foot was successful and the lymph node biopsy came back clean. 4th of July BBQ is gonna taste damn good tomorrow.

You may be in for more good news! My husband’s pension took longer than anticipated to click through and kick in. So when it was finally deposited they owed him for several months, BOOM! Unexpected windfall!

Here’s hoping!

I got a day off on the down-low from my boss this Thursday; our probationary period is unusually long, and he basically said “You’re doing a good job, and you deserve a day off!”

We just found out that my wife will get 4 weeks paid maternity leave this fall. We were expecting only two and we’re trying to figure out how to make it work. Four will be enough to get the new kid old enough for day care and possibly enough for us to make it all the way through the holidays before Mrs. Digger has to go back.

I also just got my first paycheck since mid March and that felt nice after the work I’ve paid starting up my new business.

Bear. Hot tub. Margarita.

  1. We just went on an awesome road trip and had a great time. We even had multiple sunny days in Seattle. :slight_smile:

2)I have an awful, terrible, no good job. I knocked it out of the park and was repeatedly unappreciated. I interviewed at 3 top tier companies and finally got accepted at one of them and it sounds so very exciting! Significant pay increase with people who value what I do. But it gets better. I resigned about 7 working days ago (pre-vacation) and today one of my (very large, very important) customers just reached out and said that he’s been racking his brain of how to get me working at his company. He’ll be reaching next week with a firm offer and (I already thanked him and declined) let me know that the door is always open. Makes me feel so much better!

There were signs up all around my neighborhood about a missing dog. I even got an email about it. Someone had been dogsitting while the owner got chemotherapy, and the dog got away from them. The owner was heartbroken. Well, I’ve been thinking about that dog a lot, and keeping an eye out for it, and yesterday I saw that one of the posters had a banner taped across it, “Together Again!” I got choked up about that. So nice to have the update, too!

Goodyear G159?

Awwww. That made me smile.