Tell me something good for once among the negativity...

This can include something good you’ve done, heard, or seen. I got a message from someone on Facebook saying that they found my employee name tag and he dropped it at the subway loss and found. Although it’s just a tag, I’m surprised and grateful he was able to put in the effort to find me online to let me know he found it.:slight_smile:

Mexico passed universal health care a few years ago.

Since every cloud has a silver lining and no good deed goes unpunished, it’s just a matter of perspective.

My 11 year old is finally skilled enough to make school projects that don’t objectively suck! She filmed and edited this “movie trailer”, and I think it’s actually pretty good:

(For those who have been on the SDMB longer than our OP, that’s WhyBaby in the black hat sitting on the back of the couch. My little micropreemie! She’s grown a bit.)

I received $85.92 from the Amazon e-book settlement today. Plenty of other Dopers in this thread also received credits.

Thanks. 4 replies only. Proof that this forum is full of negativity.

My daughter took the grandkids to the open-plains zoo today and they had a ball.

The repair bill for my car is only $99**

Even though it’s cold, we have enough wood under the house to keep us warm for a few more weeks.

I have a lovely, chilled glass of wine in front of me.

Is that enough good stuff for ya?

**Unfortunately the mechanic can’t actually figure out what is wrong with the beast, need either an auto-electrician or someone who specialises in dual-fuel systems.

Is that enough negativity to confirm your bias?


The Nephews are still cute.

Bro is still grinning and bouncing over the two brand-new degrees he got last week, the ones which mean he’ll be the new teacher in our old HS come next school year.

The sun is shining.

The Archery Nationals are taking place this weekend, here in Valladolid.

I’m seeing a therapist. It would have been nice to have access to one ages ago but hey, I have her now.

I’ve found a company which does the kind of work I need done in my ground-floor room. I want to turn it into a studio, using the five-figures return I got from Hacienda. Having a tax system which always withdraws too much is a bit stupid, but I look at that return as an “extra”. Getting a 5-figure “extra” is nice. Since the work affects the facade (I need to change that goddamned won’t-open door and want to open a window so I can have natural light without keeping the door open), I need permission from the neighbors: I asked the administrator for the HOA and he said the yearly meeting is going to be in July, he’ll add that to the agenda. Hopefully I won’t need to use vacation days to attend the meeting; my house is 500km from Valladolid, where I currently work, but I’m on vacation the first two weeks of July.

I’m slowly enjoying Infovore’s work. Slowly because I read them at work, in between bouts of the Dope, newspapers, self-directed training and occasional tickets. Lots of dead people, I’m glad I don’t do the cleanups :stuck_out_tongue:

My 17 year old son received a scholarship that covers about 85% of his community college tuition for the next two semesters. CC is relatively cheap out here, but it’s really nice not to have to pay the whole amount out of pocket. He’s also studying hard to get his drivers license and has a couple leads on part-time jobs.

During recent major home repairs, deconstruction of the chimney ground to a halt when a family of squirrels was found habitating in said chimney. I call a guy, worried that we will lose a whole day to this snag. And that it will cost me a lot of cash as a result!

The guy I called came right over and safely evicted the family in short order. Then, because: 1. He was very nearby when I called, 2. He didn’t have to even set up a ladder as they were already in place, 3. The chimney was half down, making access easy, and the whole job was quickly accomplished, he only charged me half price!

And I didn’t even ask or imply I should get a discount!

Work on the chimney resumed in under 40 mins! Colour me very impressed!

Cleveland won its first pro sports championship since 1964, when the Cavaliers won the NBA championship. The local hockey team, which is a minor-league team in the AHL, also won its championship the week before. And the guy who won the UFC heavyweight title, not too long before that, is also a Clevelander.

And our baseball team hasn’t lost since June 15.

This is the most amazing Cleveland has ever been.

It may just be a demo account (so it’s not real) but I made just short of $18,000 in about three hours trading the Forex market.

I don’t get to keep any money (since it’s fake) but this isn’t the first time I’ve made over 10k with it and it makes me happy that when I decide to trade for real this might be a possibility.

A good day is any day that you’re alive, so says Paul Westerberg.

The police department in my hometown is giving children tickets.

Yep, actual citations.

If they catch them exhibiting polite, kind, and helpful behavior, they give them an Outstanding Kid citation and a voucher for a free dessert at Chick-fil-A. They call it Operation Commendable Kids.

I get to go home in just over half an hour, and as I am an adult with full decision-making capability, I can choose to do absolutely nothing when I get there. My roommates will both be out tonight, and no one will judge either my Netflix choices or my lack of pants. (Not that the pants thing would ever be judged even if they were home, really.)

[Total aside] Holy crap, WhyNot, HOW old is the baby? I know I’ve been away from the boards for a while, but in my head she’s barely a year old!! [/aside]

I walked to the supermarket and back today, about 3/4 mile each way. I can carry about 15 pounds, so I go as often as I need to. I always buy a pint of ice cream and sit in the shade on the lawn and eat it for lunch before I walk home. Store brand, $1.58 a pint. I always have a spoon in my pocket. Today it was butter pecan.

The world was running out of helium, which is important for more reasons than you might think, but then they just found a huge fat stash of it in Tanzania. So we’ve got that going for us.

Something wonderful I realized today is how much my friends believe in me. Some of the fitness goals I set are pretty ambitious for a woman: things like one-armed push-ups, muscle-ups, and six-pack abs. And when I share these goals with other people, everyone takes me seriously and asks after my progress. No one ever tells me I can’t do something because I’m a girl.