Tell Us Something Unexpectedly Nice That Happened Today

We’ve done a similar thread before, but it’s been a while. And in the stress and drama of everyday life, sometimes I think it’s nice to remember the little things that make us smile.

So if something nice happened to you, you were able to do something nice for somebody else, or you witnessed something nice happening: take a moment to share it with us please!

I’ll start:

Yesterday I got several discount coupons from a friend in the mail. Some of them are things like “take $10 off your purchase of $10 or more.” They were for places she doesn’t really shop at, but places near me where I can definitely do some Christmas shopping. She didn’t have to do it but it really made my day - and tonight I get to do some extra shopping I wasn’t budgeting for :slight_smile:

Whenever I go to Borders, I always print off extra coupons and give it to people in line.

The company I work for gave us a nice breakfast buffet today, as a holiday celebration. Eggs, pancakes, fried potatoes, ham, biscuits. It was yummy!


And Shirley, you are the kind of person I love to be in line with :slight_smile:

I went to hang out with my neighbor, and she was making Oreos dipped in Ghirardelli 60% Cacao chocolate, and offered me one.

(I don’t know why I’m bothering with the fuss of making fleur de sel caramels for friends - next year I’m dipping me some Oreos!)

A patron called in to the reference desk earlier with issues printing an article PDF at her office. I helped walk her through different printing methods, and she said she would call back if she still had issues.

Ten minutes later she called again, this time specifically to thank me for all my help. It was quite a surprise as few people say thank you or follow up, and really made my day :slight_smile:

Today was day two of two days of training in nonviolent crisis intervention. We spent some time this morning reviewing what we talked about yesterday and then started talking about a new subject: ways of keeping a situation from escalating solely by talking to the patron. Someone who works at a different branch from me but with whom I have worked in the past shared a technique of keeping patrons who might be on the verge of losing their temper from doing so that I happen to be very familiar with.

She then said, “I learned that technique from Knead!”


Later in the day, we were practicing nonviolent physical crisis intervention, in other words, how to release yourself from someone who has crossed the line and is now acting out physically, up to and including grabbing you. While practicing various techniques for breaking holds without escalating the situation into hand-to-hand combat, I had occasion to grab another staff person by her forearm with both hands.

Later, as we were all congregating to go back into the classroom after lunch, I said to her, “If you don’t mind, and if I can say so without creeping you out, you have the softest skin I think I have ever touched.” She seemed genuinely pleased, so I think it was a compliment well given. :slight_smile:

I got a Christmas card and candy cane from one of my Meals on Wheels clients. That was so sweet!

My manager hinted during an impromptu meeting that there is a chance I’ll be able to come on board as a permanent employee in 2010. I know for a fact that they don’t say anything along those lines unless they really think it’s a possibility. It gave me a warm hopeful feeling for the first time in a looooong time.

My mama and brother send us ex-pats a big ol’ box of Memphis ribs and bbq! I dearly love Texas, but thinking bbq is a cow is bull!:smiley:

I work for a company that does a lot of business with UPS, they sent us a Christmas gift today. A very tasty Cajun Kringle and a nice card. It’s little things like that that make me glad we work with them and not another courier.

I got a free package from my favorite musician, Sarah Fimm, when I came home this evening. It includes two shirts, a signed poster, dozens of stickers, and just as many taster discs to share with friends, family, and music lovers.

Sure, it’s me doing publicity for her, but considering how much I adore her, I consider it an honor to be allowed to do so, and it is the greatest Chrismas present ever.

A professor I deeply admire has agreed to sponsor me for a social policy research fellowship this summer. It’s very competitive and I am just starting to learn the basics of social policy, so getting the gig is a long shot, but just having the honor of being sponsored and working on my own research proposal is a tremendous honor to me. This professor met with me today to brainstorm my research topic, and showered me with ideas and encouragement and support. She said, ‘‘This is really exciting work you’re proposing and I can really tell you’re meant to do research.’’ TING!

Bonus: I went into the cell phone store today for a new cell phone, and the girls ringing me up turned out to be the funnest people ever. We were all students (different levels, different schools, different fields) but we were having a blast while we waited for the phone to activate. I should have Facebooked 'em. Ah, well, I can stop by another day.

A big group of us went out for lunch and my boss unexpectedly picked up the tab.

That sure was nice of him.

I was really hungry and my dad called me up and said he made spaghetti for dinner, and needed someone to help eat it. Score!

Since my tummy was nice and full, I was able to go to my friend’s new house and help unpack.

I went to visit a friend at a local VA hospital that is undergoing serious construction. As I entered the drive I must have looked lost because the guard stopped and asked me where I was going and why. When I explained he said “You’ll never find your way there in all this ------ I’ll get you to the door and have a buddy meet you there”. He lead me with his car to the one entrance and once I parked there was another guard at the door who took me straight to my buddy’s room. Classiest act at a hospital I’ve ever seen.

I had dinner tonight with a friend of mine and when we were getting ready to leave we asked for the check and the waitress said that the gentleman at two tables over had already paid for it and left 20 minutes earlier!

We have no idea who it was as we didn’t notice anyone in the restaurant that we knew. FREE DINNER!

I found a couple of packages of beef neck bones at the supermarket, usually 1.49, marked down to .49. The packages came to about three and a half pounds of bones…which are now simmering away in my Crockpot even as I type, along with some onion skin and trimmings from a carrot and stalk of celery. I also found a package of stew meat, also marked down (but I forget the details, and I’ve already taken out the trash). So, tomorrow I will make stew, and freeze most of it, and I will be prepared for either a lazy day or a sick day in the future. I love stew, and I love cheap stew even more. And I dearly love my Crockpot.

Well, it wasn’t yesterday but it was very recent. A fellow doper gave me two memory sticks to allow me to increase to the max the memory of an old computer I am presently forced to use. This doper also gave me a USB 2.0 board, since the computer in question had USB 1.1 installed. I was and am immensely grateful for those things and I hope, when I am able, to be able to provide help to someone who is in my present situation.

As if the above wasn’t enough, someone paid for my membership in the SDMB, therefore changing my status from ‘guest’ to ‘member.’ I’ll never forget these acts of kindness.


For all the times I’ve done this, the times I’ve forgotten to bring my coupons and needed to get a book, I’ve had a person or two give me coupons. Kharma Hug.

Our company gave everyone, albeit small, bonuses. If I was a serious drinker or something, I could buy a case of beer and pizza with it. Not alot of people out there are getting bonuses this year. I was grateful.