The Trick or Treat MMP

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 62 Amurrkin out and clear (dark actually) with a predicted high of 79 and N.O.S. for the day. I guess we can call this an early Fall day in the southern U.S. of A. Today is cave spiffin’ day. We shall sup at the good local Mexican place bein’ as OYKW has a gnawin’ and a cravin’ for their steak 'n chikin fajitas. OLÉ!

Ok, we need a topic to hijack so here it is… Does anyone still do Trick or Treat for Hallowe’en. I know it’s an Amurrkin thing and I am guessin’ our non-Amurrkin Mumpers have an idea of what it is as it gets talked about enough. I have not given out candy in years due to the fact that out where I live, kids don’t seem to do the go house to house candy beg thing. Instead, it seems to be mostly organized events where kids can go and get lots of candy, eat hot dawgs etc., and play games whilst dressed up in costume. My church sponsored a “Trunk or Treat” this past Sattidy. I do not participate but was told yestiddy that it was a huge success and droves of kids and parents showed up. Info was passed along mostly via social media (book of faces primarily). I was told that parents were thankin’ those who put it on for doin’ it and givin’ their kids a fun and safe venue. I have noticed that there are several of these events around town. Some happened over the weekend and some will be on Wednesday, which is actually Hallowe’en. Just curious, is this now the norm? I don’t see anything wrong with it and maybe this is just how “Trick or Treat” is evolving.

{{{CupCakes}}} in answer to your post in the last MMP, this is always such a tough situation. My sibs and I went through it with our mother. Fortunately for us I guess, sis decided, after her divorce, to move in with mom. Even though sis worked, she was there in the evenin’s. My brothers and I are retired and were able to do stuff such as take her to doctor’s appointments etc. This enabled mom to stay in her home as she declined healthwise. Otherwise, we would have faced the problem of what to do. Maybe a housekeepin’ or sitter service would be helpful for now. It’s tough to see a parent goin’ downhill. A lot of what you’re seein’ in your mom, we saw in our mom. I knew things were really goin’ downhill when mom would say she didn’t feel like goin’ for her standin’ hair appointment. OK, that’s a lot of ramblin’ and probably not helpful. Your mom, your sisters and you are in my prayers as y’all face these issues.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Regarding Halloween, with 2 idiot dogs and an escape-artist cat, we don’t bother. Plus we live in a neighborhood of large lots and long driveways - the one year we did give out candy, only about a dozen showed up.

One place we lived in FL had a non-obnoxious HOA that hosted a Halloween festival every year. It was also a neighborhood of long driveways and it was more sensible to have everyone congregate at the park/clubhouse. Booths were set up and those who wished would contribute bags of goodies. Kids would play different carnival games and win the goodies as prizes. And everyone was in costume - it was pretty nice.

**Cupcakes **- my mom will be 85 in January and we’ve all worried about her, but last year, my youngest sister moved in with her (she of the less-than-successful knee surgery) and between the two of them, we figure at least one would be able to dial 911 if necessary. She’s still pretty active - in a week or so, she leaves for a cruise down the Amazon - but I got the impression this may be the last long cruise she takes.

Our biggest worry is her falling down the steps. A couple of years ago, she tripped over a throw rug and dislocated her shoulder. She’s in a kind of denial and refuses to pace herself. But at least my sister is there, and another sister lives 6 miles away. I’m the most remote at just over 100 miles.

Then there’s FCD’s folks. His dad has Parkinson’s, his mother has advanced macular degeneration, and they live 800 miles away. One of his brothers is mildly mentally handicapped, so he can’t be counted on for much, and the other has Parkinson’s and heart problems and diabetes that he refuses to deal with, so he’s no help. They’d like to move, but being in a retirement neighborhood, there’s no way they can get a decent price for their house, what with children selling off their late parents’ places for cheap. So they won’t move, and we’re left with a long-distance issue. Having aging parents is no picnic…

So, yeah, Happy Moanday.

Trick or Treating is a huge thing in my neighborhood. So huge that the local banks will take donations of candy to give to residents to hand out. Kids come here from all over the area. We will buy candy and give it to a neighbor to hand out as I or we can’t be bothered.

We have our first little taste of fall. Feels wonderful. Low humidity.

I must get ready to go to the grindstone. Tis been a while since I irked on a Moanday.

Happy New Week.

Good morning, soon to be my good night . . . maybe. Halloween is our favorite holiday, We need to get the outside decorations up tomorrow, we are woefully late this year, but caca continues to occurr with distressing frequency. Every year we add a coule/few items to our display, and my son has a terrific ghoul costume. He sits motionlessly next to the fog machine and never tries to frighten the littles. Dads and teens are fair game though, particularly teens, although occasionally a dad will get into my son’s face, trying to see if he’s real, and my son will do something surreptitious like touching their arm. Hearing men let out a muffled scream is hilarious! We have a giant blow up Jack Skellington, and the littles call out house the Nightmare Before Christmas house (which tickles my fancy to no end) and insist that their adult take photos of them with the decorations. It’s a lot of fun, and we casually compete with the girls across the street with both Halloween and Christmas decorations, and I have noticed that some of the other neighbors have begun to decorate their yards as well, for both holidays. More people are getting out and planting flowers in their yards as well, it’s nice to see the block taking some pride in ownership.

Last week was a roller coaster of emotions. I lost two people whom I care (cared?) for deeply. One of ours and one of my first and best friends from when I moved to the village in '89. On the far side ofthe pendulum my cousin sent me a gift out of the blue; a book titled Rejected Princesses, Tales of History’s Boldest Heroines, Hellions and Heretics, does she know me or what? My Auntie . . . I am a middle aged woman and I am feeling unconditional love for the first time, and it’s weird and wonderful and makes me feel both overwhelmed and unworthy. My car died last December, I poured a lot of money I did not have into it and got screwed over by a mechanic who figured I am just a gimpy old woman and wouldn’t figure it out, but I do believe I will be taking him to small claims court. A friend had a $500.00 beater she just up and gave to my daughter so we have had transportation, it’s a painful car for me to have to ride in so other than dr. appointments I really haven’t gone anywhere. Long story short Auntie bought a car for me, the newest and nicest car I have ever had. As they were detailing it they found a small bit of the weatherstripping needs to be replaced so my daughter will pick it up tomorrow or Wednesday. This is an amazing blessing, and just because my Auntie can afford to do it doesn’t mean she needed to. The only thing she would like in return is for Deirdre to take me over to visit her more often, and as close as she lives getting there and back is no longer an issue. I still don’t feel that it’s real, but once it’s parked in my driveway I’m sure that will change.

Happy Moanday mumpers, have a wonderful week!

Happy Moonday!

Supposed to be cloudy with a high of 55 today.

I ordered some candy from the jungle, which should arrive today, to give out on Halloween. I’ll see how it goes, not supposed to be too cold that evening. I sit outside to hand out the candy since the dog would go nuts with all the people coming to the door. He thinks people coming to the front door is a good thing because the only people who come to the front are delivery people. Therefore, it is either pizza, or a package which may have goodies in it.
If it’s too cold to sit outside I’ll save the candy to take to my mother’s the next time we go. I purposely bought candy we don’t like, but between the four boys it will get eaten.

I need to adjust my irk schedule for this week to take off part of Halloween evening. That is also Ripple’s first day at doggie day care. I hope it goes well, and if he learns to play nicely with other dogs, we’ll try the dog park.

I’m starting to worry about my mother a bit, she is 82. My niece and her bf are there though, so she is not aone. My neice doesn’t do much , but her bf does a lot for my mother, takes her to the doctor and shopping. He does a lot of the cooking and cleaning. He is hyper though and makes her crazy at times, and the house is a cluttered, chaotic mess because of the boys. Only two of the four live there, but the other two are there a lot. They have too much stuff for such a small house.

My son got the basement great stuffed yesterday. He is going to check the attic today.
Yesterday’s music lesson was New Wave; Blondie, B-52s, and the Cars, among others. Today’s lesson is MTV, with focus on Madonna and Michael Jackson.

I’m back after bustin’ my butt over the weekend. The event went off well. Not as big as last year, but the weather wasn’t in our favor, and there were some competing area events. I’m tired and sore today; not used to that much walking around for 2 days straight.

As far as trick-or-treating; we still do it in my area. There are more and more trunk or treat events. My daughter’s school is doing one. But it’s right after school, so as a working mom, I can’t get my kids to it. And there’s a charge: $2 per kid. Yeah, I’m sticking with walking a little more and getting the candy for free.

But I have noticed that there aren’t as many porch lights on as there used to be. When I was young (80s and 90s), nearly every house had candy. You could take in quite a haul just going around the block. Now, at least in my neighborhood, only about half of the houses (if that) have porch lights on.

I’ll have candy. And I’ll have non-candy treats, since we’re a Teal Pumpkin house, too.

Yeah, trick or treat is still on for Wednesday and i have Kit-Kat bars ready for deployment, the average has been around 25-30 kids each year. However there is a 50% chance of rain Wednesday night, so we’ll see.

Stomach feels a bit grumbly this morning, nothing serious but I’ll keep an eye on it. Need to recycle my CD/3.5" disks and printers/monitors today. Also have a couple of furniture things to donate if I can be bothered to call the local charities.

kaiwik, both hugs of joy and sadness for you. Quite a week, indeed.

I bought enough candy to choke a horse, as usual. We’ve had 400+ kids in years past, although numbers have been declining in recent years.

May be a big year this time. Neighboring community (close enough that I frequently walk my dog across the border) had Trick-or-Treating on Sunday, but cold, yucky, and rainy. We having Trick-or-Treatin’ Wednesday. Weather looks good (or at least decent) so I expect we may see a lot of kids.

Trick-or-treating is definitely a thing, both in my neighbourhood in the city and the one I grew up in in the suburbs. Though in recent years, at least in my suburban neighbourhood, there don’t seem to be as many houses giving out candy, or as many kids trick-or-treating - maybe to do with the kids getting older.
My dad always gives out candy at his house (the one where I grew up.) On many occasions I’ve given out the candy there. I thought it might be fun to give out candy at my apartment this year, but I’ll be away at a rehearsal on Halloween night.

Home from work now. It was my first weekend back since I started my FMLA (see here for the circumstances which brought THAT about), and today’s the day kaylasmom gets her cast off! It will be nice to be able to give her a shower without putting her right leg in a kitchen trash bag (it will be SUPER nice to stow the bedside commode in the garage and not have to burn Yankee candles all day and night).

Although I have the next two nights off, I work again on Wednesday night. Not until 9:30, though, so I should be able to pass out candy to anybody who shows up. In this gated complex, though, we usually get very few comers, which is counterintuitive, given the number of families living here.

Time for a short nap before going to be orthopedist.

Did anyone else ever go T-or-T-ing right after school? Eons ago when I was a kid, as soon as you got home from school, you put on your costume and headed out to the farther reaches of the neighborhood, working your way back towards home. You’d go home for supper, then do the houses in the immediate area after dark, generally finishing between 8 & 9.

I grew up in a development of row houses (specifically the one with red siding) and it was easy to hit several hundred houses between getting out of school and bedtime.

Now it seems no one goes out before sunset.

It was such a long time ago but I think we went out after dinner.

Depending on how chilly it is I plan on giving out candy from 6 until 8, or until the candy runs out.

I’m going to make some deviled eggs, and I think a pot of chili. Not sure about the chili, I have a big hunk of ground beef thawing in the fridge, but I have some cabbage so I might make deconstructed golumpki.

around here the official time is from 6 to ten and its mostly events here and there the last time I went trick or treating for my self back in the 90s I cleaned up because I went out 9 pm and people just dumped what they had left because they only had 2 or 3 dozen kids and were done …….
but weve never been a huge trick or treat town like back east or around la ……

Cupcakes, it would probably be good to mention the idea of a maid service to your mom so that it’s in the back of her mind, but I wouldn’t push it. Se may come around to it on her own after a bit.

My parents lived alone in their house in Florida until his death 17 years ago. Mom stayed there by herself for a few years until the hurricanes drove here out. (She hated having to evacuate.) Then she moved up to Atlanta and lived with my brother and his wife for a little while, but brother’s wife is self centered and sometimes sneaky, and they didn’t get along. So then she moved into an apartment of her own in a building full of older folks. Not exactly assisted living, but kinda. We offered to have her move in with us but she didn’t want to move to Orygun. Anyway, one of my nieces found her laying on her kitchen floor, bleeding from both ends, and got her into hospital. The less said about the quality of care there the better. From there she went into hospice and died a few days later. If she hadn’t lain on the floor for so long before being discovered, or if the doctors had been more like the doctors on TV and less of the ‘it’s god’s will’ type, she might have survived, but that’s another sad story.
Anyway, I don’t know if there’s a moral to this story or not, but there it is.

About halloween: around here we have trick or treating on the main drag downtownevery halloween. Wifey’s office is on that street, so they will hand out candy and stuff for that and we will go over there and participate. Our lights at home will be turned off. It’s too stressful for our dogs otherwise. We generally get a couple thousand kids in the 2 hours of the event. :eek: It’s supposed to be rainy this year, but that won’t stop them. This is Orygun after all.

Anyway, Happy Moanday y’all. :slight_smile:

We still do although we have modified slightly to meet the current crop of customers. We used to be full-sized candy and all but as kids around us grew and their families stopped putting their porch lights on the crowds have gone from 250-300 down to 25-100 and often we get stuck with a lot of leftovers. So rather than candy we go chips. We still do the bigger lunch sized and not the tiny Halloween things but this way if we are left sitting on 50 or more we can use them up in our lunches between now and Christmas. I’ll be working but we’re prepared for 120 and we have our bubble-foggers

all ready for the OW to put out.

On an unrelated note a former coworker called me from the puppy farm to let me know the skinny on what all happened. He was fired but the one manager fought to get him medical’d (he really was too physically beat to maintain) so he could pull unemployment while he looked for something new. He asked me to be a reference for him and I feel kind of honored. Dude really is a great worker ----- just maybe not for the kind of physical lifting and beatings we get daily. Until morale improves. :smiley:

{{{{{Bumba}}}}}. My sweet Mother took a fall and it killed her. Not at once but after 12 days we took her off life support. She lingered another 40 hours. I so wish I could go back and protect her. My Mama was truly an angel on Earth. She was the sweetest, most patient, kindest and all around good person. I never heard her say an unkind word about anyone. I miss her so much and it’s been almost 19 years. Folks, if you still have parents please cherish them.

I thought about starting today, but I’s was both tired & had started a few recently, so I let da Bear be first…to the whole thread this week. You’re welcome, ear.

Unhappy first day of Winter as the Red Sux ended the Fall Classic last night. C’mon mid-February & Spring; is the first day of Spring when pitchers & catchers report or when the whole team needs to be there?

Yes, I still like to give stuff for Halloween & I need to pull stuff out of the basement to go outside. I have a fog machine but I like that bubble fogger. Mebbe I’ll see iffn I can pick one up, especially Nov 1st when it’s on ½ price sale. BTW, PSA: Thursday is Cheep Chawklit Day!

Twas a busy weekend (like normal for me), including a very Urban urban country concert. This is also an unusual week in that I get to pass gas three times this week! He-He-He, literally!

…& in response to someone’s post over the weekend, Mutant Giant Spider! :eek:

I grew up in the 60s on the south side of Chicago. We went home for lunch every day. On Halloween we put our costumes on at lunch to wear for the afternoon at school. We had a parade, then ran home to trick or treat before dinner. We went out after dinner also. My mom went through our candy and snagged all the Butterfingers. There were years it was so cold we had to wear winter coats over our costumes.

This year I’m giving out KitKats and peanut M&Ms. I live in a townhouse and won’t be home til 6:30. T Or T ends at 7. I may get to eat a lot of leftover candy…

Howdy Y’all! I spiffed da cave and have even been out in public today. Needed to take care of a couple errands and went to a well-organized to the point meetin’ about Diocesan convention which is comin’ up Thursday, Firday, and Sattidy of next week. Have I mentioned that Albeeeny is hostin’ this year? I say well-organized meetin’ cause it started on time, assignments were handed out and then we left. One hour from start to finish. As usual there are always those who feel the necessity to ask mundane pointless stoopid questions. When someone started, the committee chair would point out the fact that if it did not pertain to someone’s assignment (assignments based on what each person there volunteered for at an earlier meetin’) questions were not necessary and that if it pertained to the assignment it should be addressed to the in charge person. I like her.

We always trick or treated (tricked or treated?) when it got dark and had to be home by nine p.m. We had a fairly large neighborhood area we could roam that was doable within three hours and usually had a good candy haul from it all.

Well, fine then, I’ll just talk to myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

We have supped fajitas, OLÈ!, and they were goooooooooood. Plus we brought home leftovers for N.O.L. tomorrow, so WIN-WIN!