It's Moanday So Here Is The New MMP

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 63Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of 78 and rain/tstorms/apocalypse for the day. The low today will be our high on Wednesday. Go Figure. Today’s plans are to finish up movin’ stuff out of the kitchen, laundry room and guest bathroom. Also the livin’ room and bedrooms need to be dusted and vacuumed. That sounds like enough to keep me busy and outta trouble on a Moanday. Plus tonight is men’s night over to the church house.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then the fun of gettin’ ready for round three of da cave makeover must commence. RAH!

Here it is folks! Hijack away!

Happy Moanday Y’all!

W00T! First!

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to work. It’s gonna be in the 50s all week.

This is “as-built” week. I’ve been assigned to create models of 2 things that exist - one alignment fixture and one handle. There are no drawings, so I need to measure, then take my measurements (and photos - I brought my camera) and create accurate models of both.

The alignment fixture will be pretty easy - lots of parts, but all seem to be straightforward. The handle, on the other hand, will be a pain in the ass. It’s installed in the helo trainer, above and to the left of the pilot’s seat. So I have to climb over the console to the seat, pull the handle down (I hope there’s a way to wedge it in position) and take measurements. Did I mention it’s got a couple of curves in it? My only hope is a grid I made for another as-built I did a year or so ago. If I can hold the grid behind the handle and get a straight-on shot showing the gridlines and the profile, I just might be able to get enough info to duplicate it.

Because heaven forbid Lockheed should be magnanimous enough to provide their drawing of the handle!!!

Gonna be a fun day. Happy Moanday!

Grump, grump, grump. Skool cancelled due to ‘snow’. It’s 10.30am and it’s already almost all melted.

Yeah yeah, some people come a distance, don’t know what it’s like in other bits of the county, but still…

Happy Moonday!

It’s a very N.O.S. today, it hurt my eyes to open the blinds.
It’s old right now but supposed to warm up to 57.
Snow is still predicted for tomorrow, and now Wednesday again.

I really do not want to go to the doctor tomorrow.
I love my doctor and it’s not the visit, it’s the two+ hour drive each way.
I think I may have to look for a doctor up this way, but I really like the current doctor and he is considered to be one of the best.
It’s only twice a year though, and it gets me down that way, so I stop in to see the family and a friend.
However, it also means missing a day of irk and a day’s pay.

I have much to do and none of it is getting done.

Kitchen declutter is almost over. Church is havin’ a yard sale in late April. So far I have two boxes full of nice, but been sittin’ in a cabinet unused for YEARS so they shall be donated. I will get them over there soonest, probably this evenin’ since I’m goin’ over there. Then they will be officially out of my life and I can no longer ponder whether or not I should keep them. I also await the person who is comin’ to measure floors. Oh and I dusted and vacuumed. Go Me!

A friend here in Da Burgh worked for them; from his stories it almost sounded like a highly educated version of Da Jungle sometimes.
Just doing some general cleaning before work. We’re going to have a couple guests the end of the week and then a TU (Trout Unlimited) banquet Saturday evening so the end of our week is pretty full.

Morning all. Some rain this morning and the apocalypse is scheduled for this afternoon (at least that’s the way folks around here are treating it; schools all over N. Ali-bama are closing around noontime). “Strong” Thunder-boomers and quarter-sized hail is forecast. We shall see.

Sari, my annual physical is Wednesday, but I only have to drive about 4 miles to it. Only dread I have is I think the Doc will insist I have a colonoscopy this year, and I really shouldn’t put it off any more, so…

Moooomm, sound like you’re doing some ‘reverse engineering’ there. I’d say have fun, but you probably won’t. And yes, Lockheed can be a pain (almost all large defense contractors are in my experience).

Got an estimate this morning to replace a patch of yard bounded by my front door sidewalk and the garage with a concrete patio. About $2,300 total, which ain’t cheap, but I’m thinking seriously about it. we shall see.

Time to break my fast and get some food. Take care.

Blurf. Slept until 10am which was great. The phone did not ring. Usually when I try to sleep in the phone rings. Up now and dog walked. I have a few things to do here but don’t want to do too much lest the new maid will not have anything to do.

Happy Moanday all!

That was Jimmy, but then where you work, you should know that already. :wink:
At irk, annoyed. :mad:

I am well-familiar with the joys of Lockheed. Back when I was a govvie, I worked in the P-3 engineering group - as in Lockheed P-3 Orion - for about 9 years. 'Nuff said.

**MetalMouse **- it is reverse engineering with a bit of minor alteration after talking with the guy in charge of the manufacturing shop. For a relatively simple assembly, it’s been a challenge to break it down correctly. But it’s coming along. I’m just about done with the last part.

In fact, I worked 40 minutes into lunch - how dedicated is that?!?! :smiley:

I have a new hobby.

My university situation is somewhat complicated: the site I am at is run by a small local college, but that college can’t actually award degrees itself. The degree that I shall (if all goes to plan) end up with, will be issued by a partner university, which oversees the course.

The campus I’m at, being teeny tiny, has a grand total of one (1) student society, which is also run via the partner university, because they have more funding available than the local college. This apparently confuses a lot of people, especially students at the university. Apparently about half the new society members this year are actually students based at the main university site, about an hour’s drive away.

It’s actually pretty clear on the sign-up website that the society is the only society in the list which is not on the main site, but we’ve had several of them suddenly appear on the Facebook group posting ‘I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY ARE YOU RUNNING THINGS MILES AWAY I THOUGHT THIS WAS A (university) SOCIETY??¿’

So yeah, I have a new hobby; trying to explain. In simple words.

Afternoon, mumpers! I had my weekend plans seriously disrupted by the snow so am now planning to visit my doting parent next Saturday instead. I am fed up with the white stuff, it can just hurry up on its way - hopefully it will all have melted off my car by the time I get home as I need to drive up to the gym tonight.

It’s been a frustrating day at work, I had a couple of meetings which were useful (one of them was my staff development review with my manager) but the rest of the day has been spent sorting out the mess other people manage to make of things. On the plus side, it’s now 4.15pm and nearly time to go home!

Gym tonight, we are on the last two weeks of bootcamp and that also means two weeks until I head off on my holiday to New Zealand. Can’t come soon enough!

Managed to make my Jimmy John’s Monday stop before the weather got bad; it’s raining pretty steady right now, but no high winds/hail/tornadoes yet (they’re suppossed to arrive later on today).

boo fae, enjoy New Zealand. It’s a wonderful place and if it wasn’t a 15 hour flight I’d go there more often. You got a non-stop or are you having to change planes?

Nut, hope the explanation is short and sweet, something like: “It’s for a smaller subset of the campus, you bleedin’ moron” or something pithy like that.

The nice young man showed up this morning to diagnose the thumping noise our hot tub has been making for the last few days. We figured it was the bearing(s) in the pump going out. He agreed and is going to install a new pump tomorrow afternoon. That’s all the excitement for today, I hope. Other than me going to the store to buy eggs, that is. :cool:

Happy Moandy, y’all!

I talked to the car repair person and she looked, and looked some more and then said, well. I’m going to have to have a tech call you back. I understand the parts, but I don’t understand what’s wrong. :smack: I’ll wait until this afternoon before I decide whether to rent a car.

Other than that, I got my paper-irk done. It took until well after mid-night. Ugh. But it’s done.

Happy Moanday all.

We made the executive decision to opt out of men’s night over to the church house. It’s stormy all around right now except for at da cave for a bit plus, well, I’s tahrd. So we grilled steaks, did some oven baked steak fries and sallit for suppage. Now I am sippin’ upon a Stella Artois and all is good. The floor guy came and measured the house for floorin’. The folks doin’ the paintin’, de-wallpaperin’ and so forth will be here at nine a.m. tomorrow. Thus beginneth round three.

Nuts, can you have them add “Remote Location” to the title?

Your tub is thumping? The name for that is Chumbawumba. Your welcome.
I rigged Tony last night by cooking the noodles & other things then assembling them into the big Pyrex, along with Ricotta, shredded cheese, & sauce, which is currently in the oven for a mashup baked Eye-talian thing. Dinner shall be soon.

Happy Moanday.

It will be a busy week given the projects at home and irk.To top it all off, one of my collegues is on vacation, so the rest of us are splitting her work. Time to put the laundry in the dryer.

I got a rental SUV. I was going with a mid-size (ha - mid size is a little smaller than it used to be) but they had so many cars and SUVs that they told me to just pick one. So I took a brand new Ford Expedition. We’re considering a (lightly used) version of the same to replace ol’ junk and bones, so it seemed a good idea. So far, I’m liking the beast. Definitely some bells and whistles I do not need, but this wouldn’t be the one I’d buy. Nice to have an engine and some handling though. Also a working car. That part is good.